Sometimes we all get a little crazy

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by bluez, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. bluez

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    So I was just cruising the 'net for deals and found one of my favorite Ammos; PMC X-TAC 5.56mm for 6.99/20 rd box on a discount code site.

    Thats almost pre elction price!:eek:

    So I went down the link expected it to be sold out, just like the previous 3 links on that site that had been updated same day and when I got there it wasnt sold out yet!!:D

    They had a limit of 1000 rds.

    So I ran for my credit card , frantically ripped it out of my wallet and hurried to get into my acct with that vendor.

    fingers flying,... hoping to beat the dozens of others, who were doubtlessly trying to buy this ammo right now.!:p

    Then I was half way thru putting my CC in and I stopped.. I'm like :

    "wait a minute this is crazy!!.... I stocked up in the summer big time.....I have so much ammo, I stopped counting it, .. frankly am not sure anymore how much I really have and just estimate it ... and I still have more Ammo coming this month from preorder.... I have no need for ammo for a VERY long time... I ... must... stop... buying... Ammo..."

    there I said it:.. So I cancelled.

    By the time I am done typing this post the vendor is likely sold out.

    But I dont care ..

    I decided its time to stop getting crazy :eek:
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  2. noylj

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    Too much ammo?
    That is about as absurd as too many guns...

  3. fupuk

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    I usually stock up about twice a year and get my basic calibers .38/.357, 9mm, and 7.62x39. Normally I buy 1000 of each caliber twice a year. But now that ive got my reloading press ive been stocking up on bullets when the gun show comes to town. Soon im gonna be stocking up on primers and a few pounds of powder. I usually buy a brick of .22lr every month just to have them but I can easily shoot 1000 rounds of .22lr a month so I dont have much stock of those. Maby a couple thousand thats unopened.
  4. bluez

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    Looks like the joke's on me with Ammo more than doubling in price.

    Even so I have a sufficiency and will not need to buy ammo until prices come down maybe in a year or so.
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  5. Bigcountry02

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    Article about one store in Kansas City sold three and a half years of ammo in three days. :eek:

    Gun owners stockpiling ammo ahead of any federal law reform

    President Obama’s promise to reform federal weapons laws in the wake of Newtown, has apparently created a run on gun and ammunition sales.

    One store in Kansas City said it sold three and a half years of ammo in three days.

    Experts said people are stockpiling ammunition ahead of any possible ban.

    Hard to find items include bullets for semi-automatic guns and hunting rifles, as well as 30-round magazines.

    “We have seen a lot of requests come in for ammunition,” Chris Coad said, who owns a Kansas gun shop. “People are wanting to buy it in the case quantity.”

    “We have limited to an certain ammo, where they can only buy five boxes at a time.”