Sometimes it hurts--sometimes it don't.

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Silvertip 44, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Silvertip 44

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    One of the things I have always found is that selling a firearm that you really like always ends up in a state of regret. However, if you sell a firearm for the purpose of acquiring another firearm in its place
    that you really "want," then losing the one that you really like is not too bad as long as you get more for it or at least as much as you paid for it or have in it. I think "really want" may overcome regret of parting with "really like." Do I make sense or do I sound idiotic? I was told by someone that I was unamerican, but hell, ain't the Remington 700 american?
    Well, anyway I parted with M1 Garand Winchester yesterday for $1000 and I will part with a Springfield M1 Garand and M1A #1. Big boy toys are not cheap.
    I have acquired a new Remington M700 5R Military Spec in .300 Winchester Magnum and another one yesterday in .223 Remington and before it is all over with I'll have one in .308 Winchester. The mil spec M700 5R is all stainless with heavy barrel and fully adjustable trigger with the HS Precision black fiber stock free floated and bedded.
    I realize now that I went over the edge on military rifles, but I think that keeping two M1 Garands, two M1As and two M1903s should be enough of the military cadry. I still must consider the AR 15 because that is one I just can't build up a love for. I think I have enough high capacity autoloaders to hold the zombies off.
    The problem with the autoloaders is that they are not nearly as accurate as the M700 bolt gun and also I have a tendency to go through ammo at a rapid pace. I have learned to slow down the burning of ammo considerably with the use of the bolt gun especially loading it one round at the time. The Kimber M82 Match .22 taught me that there is a better and more sensible way to burn ammo--slow and sure.
  2. cpttango30

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    You can sell guns?

    I was always told that it was illegal to sell any gun you have ever and if you die you must be burried with them all....

    My casket is going to have to be a 40' semi trailer or bigger.


    IGETEVEN New Member

    So......showing up to pay my respects brother with flowers, a trailered back-hoe and a semi cab will go unnoticed? :cool:

  4. suprdave

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    I'll ride with you, Jack. ;)
  5. jpattersonnh

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    If you went over the edge w/ military rifles I need some serious help!!
  6. TXnorton

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    I think I just went over the edge yesterday, I bought my M1A.
  7. NGIB

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    I've bought/sold/traded so many guns over the years that I can barely remember some of them. If I deal one away and find that I miss it - I just get another. I have to own something for a while to really decide if it's a keeper or not, hence my frequent swapping of inventory...
  8. Rick1967

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    You got rid of an M1 Garand? Wish I had been there! That would look nice with my SKS, K31 Swiss, and my 8mm Turk!
  9. Silvertip 44

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    Main thing is that I will not part with a piece unless I am replacing it with another better or more desired piece. Something else I have learned is that firearms are good investments and are great for trade.
    It's not that I wanted to part with the Garand or for that matter the M1A but rather that i wanted some really precision shooting equipment and that is what I am getting. I still have Garands and M1As that will always have a home with me cause they are my friends.
  10. Fast Ed

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    I've only sold three guns in my lifetime. A blue S&W 9mm that I replaced with a stainless model the same day, an S&W .22 that I replaced with a Ruger MarkII the same day and a Remington 742 that I already had a replacement for. Kept all the rest. When my wife asks me how many guns I have, I honestly answer, "I don't know, exactly." I can get close, and if I think about it, I might get them all, but that takes too much work and she doesn't need to know exactly anyway.

    Fast Ed
  11. Ruzai

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    Strange, I was actually trying to pin this philosophy down for myself for the last few days. I plan on selling two of my handguns, one a break-top 38s&w caliber revolver to a friend who wants it (and I need the money for a press) and my Baby Desert Eagle in 9mm.
    I'm not too attached to the break-top because of its odd hard to obtain caliber,
    but my real problem is letting go of the Baby Desert Eagle since I havent seen many of it anywhere else, or at least the variant I have, and since this particular line of gun changed hands from Magnum Research to Charles Daly I'm not sure if I should wait to see if the gun goes up or down in value due to the change in hands.
    I wanted to replace the 9mm with a different one, a more common and easier to modify and shoot Taurus 917 in stainless steel, but I'm still not too comfortable with the uncertainty I'm having.