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Something we all should do!

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Hey guys I was just on youtube and one of the people I subscribe to made a great video and someone else did as well. They made some flyers and were passing them out at there local gun stores and such, this idea is not new by any means but I think we should all do the same. Im going to print up some flyers today or tomorrow


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Neverenuffammo is someone I watch. I already have similar flyers printed out to hand out at the iDPA match tomorrow.
locutus said:
More gloom, doom and rumors of boom.

Let's keep the fire burning and keep the panic buying going.:mad::mad:

This serves no purpose.
Totally disagree. It's not rumors that Feinstein wants to push something through. The outline of her proposal has been made public and it goes much further than the 94 bill.

We need to put public pressure on our representatives to make sure the bill does not pass.

I personally think there is more chance a bill will not pass. I think the Dems will push something that can not get support and then call the Repubs child killers. Sad but true.
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