Something to Watch out of Arizona

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    I do like that they are not asking for people to give up there guns or a waiting period. But if they asked for all people 21 years of age and older to have to take a national CCW class and be required citizens to be armed, maybe after his first round left his gun he would of been stopped by a round from a bystander. Think about it we have to register for the draft at 18. And go fight in a war we may or may not agree with. Its our duty as US citizens. I don't see how this is asking anymore of people. If I was a criminal or a BG and was looking for a easy victim and knew that everyone was armed I don't think that one would be easily found.

    I'm required by law to do a lot of things I don't like like pay 30% taxes that go to people who won't get a job. I don't have a problem helping someone get back on there feet but there are way to many people abusing the wall fare system.
    I think asking people to protect themselves is out of line in today's society.

    If we were a armed society and did not allow the media to portray guns as evil child killing, family destroying weapons and realized that crime is a product of people's actions and not the tools they use, then we would all be better off. If guns were never invented I think we would see a lot more crimes committed with swords and bows & arrows.
    These people who want guns outlawed need to realize guns are tools of peace as much as they are war and violence. Now this is just a my country assed view.

    play the victim, be the victim

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    Who didnt see this coming??

    "wider background" checks wont do a DAMN thing. A person that wants to get a gun, legally or illegally, will do so.

    THE best way to stop someone bent on causing crime is for an armed citizen to shoot them dead on the spot.

    This is what i said when this story first hit the news. Where were all the armed security and armed citizens to stop this guy?

    Tighter restrictions (gun control) has never worked in the past nor will it work now or in the future!
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    Gun control never has and never will work. Within the past year there was a deputy who decided to grab an M16, murder his wife at a local gas station, and then severaly injure another deputy, which resulted in two other deputies having to shoot him to get the situation under control. Guess what not one of the witnesses at the gas station were armed there for allowing the deputy to let Hell break loose.
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    Uhmmm..... Weren't there warning signs that both the Tuscon and Virginia Tech shooters were about to do something stupid? Stricter gun laws won't do a damn thing, but paying attention to your friends and loved ones will (yes, both shooters I mentioned had friends at one point, and people who loved them)

    If your child's friends come to you and say "Hey, little Johnny has been talking about hanging himself" would anyone of us just let that go and brush it off? So why would a parent brush it off when their kid's friends come to them and say "Hey, little Johnny has been talking about killing a lot of folks"

    No, we don't need stricter gun laws, we need better parents.

    In the case of the Tuscon shooter though, (I don't know about the VT guy) Jared Loughner never should have been able to obtain a gun.
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    Ding, ding, ding...we have a WINNER!!

    The man read what i said...ANY person that wants to shoot up place WILL be able to get a gun to do so.

    Chitcago, Sillinoise is one of the most dangerous places in the U.S., yet they have THE most stringent gun control in the nation!

    Yep gun bans work!:rolleyes:

    Washington DC WAS one of the most violent places in the union....the SCOTUS shot down the gun bans and within MONTHS of the easing of gun restrictions violent crime literally PLUMMETED.

    Yep, more proof gun control works! :rolleyes:

    In the "smarter nation" (from another thread) of Great Britain, immediately after enacting strict gun ban and confiscation violent crime spiked over 110%!!

    Even more proof that gun bans work to make a society safe!:rolleyes:

    The statistics are overwhelming to any smart enough to look at 'em in a objective light. GUN CONTROL DOES NOT EQUAL CRIME CONTROL!

    "An armed society is a polite society"