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Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by reomack, Nov 27, 2020.

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    At least it is new for me. Came back from a hunting trip in Shenandoah county, VA last weekend and after several hours work, ended up with 12 qts of cubed pressure canned venison on the shelf. Looking forward to using it over the next year and have been advised that it will be great for everything from venison vegetable soup to chili. can even use it as is with mashed potatoes and gravy. Anyone here have additional ideas for recipes using canned venison? BTW way also put 35 very nice little backstrap steaks in the freezer!
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    Well done!:)
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  3. primer1

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    Use it like you would use canned beef: Beef and noodles, BBQ sandwichs, drain well and roll some burritos.
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    Machaca!!! In a frying pan cook off some onion, bell pepper, and your choice of sliced chili’s, (jalapeño is good), I prefer seranos.

    Fry them off until the onions just start to brown on the edges.

    Toss in the canned meat, and shreds it up. continue to cook until the meat starts to brown.

    Take everything to the side of pan, and toss in a two to four eggs, depends on how much other stuff you have, and how many you’re cooking for.

    Let the eggs get most of the way set, and then stir in the rest of the stuff in the pan.

    Serve with Tortillas, retired beans, some cilantro and diced onion, and salsa.

    You can serve it on the plate, or make burritos or tacos.
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    In winter we fix a lot of soups because it is cold & wet here in Wa. We use beef, elk and venison, it’s boy howdy good!!!
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    Sounds really good