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    A short guide to help new people to learn to shoot

    I have been shooting it seems since I was old enough to walk. My dad, my grandfather and other family members have all taught me something about shooting that I have tried to teach to my kids. That I will try to impart to somebody new to shooting and hopefully they can some day teach to there kids or just a kid down the street who needs an adult figure in there life and a hobby that will teach discipline and self-confidence. Something you can defend yourself and your loved ones with. Theses are only a few things u might use and im sure there are many others.

    1) SAFETY
    A. With everything you do with a firearm remember to be safe in handling that weapon. Because guns don’t kill people, people kill people. And one slip and you can be dead. Never put your finger on the trigger in till your ready to shoot. Never point the gun at something your not willing to shoot. SAFETY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!!!!

    A. When buying a firearm handle the firearm get a feel for it. Ask yourself, does it feel right in my hand? Can I handle the recoil? You have so many different calibers that you can find one to fit any needs. Ask questions there is no such thing as a stupid question because the more you know before you know before you buy a firearm the better off you will be.

    B. If it’s a handgun or rifle it doesn’t matter know your firearm there is more to them then just pulling the trigger and it going bang. Learn to tear it down and clean it. Learn about the parts of the gun there names and functions. You have revolvers, Semi-auto Pistols: single action and double actions, Shotguns : pumps, semi-autos, single shots. Rifles Bolt action, semi- auto, single shot. Just to name a few if you have one get to know them so your are able to shoot them properly

    A. You have a few things you should do while shooting that I think are important.
    a. Breathing. Control your heart rate for a nice steady hands and body movements.
    b. Aiming. Lining up the shot if your using open sights you want to line up the rear sights with the front sight in the center of the two rear sights having the front sight on target.
    c. Squeezing the trigger. This is how I was taught was to put the pad of my pointer finger onto the trigger not the tip of the finger. Now here where breathing comes in while breathing and not holding your breath slowly start to squeeze and keep squeezing till the gun is done going bang then do it again. Slow and steady no need to rush.

    Remember shooting is suppose to be fun.
    Remember to be safe when ever dealing with your firearm.

    I hope this helped a little. I’m sure there is many more things that I have forgot or could be added but this will get you started.

    Fatman out
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    Great post. With all the emphasis on practical and tactical shooting these days, a lot of people forget that they need to focus on safety and the fundamentals of the shot first and foremost.

    For most of us, it is pretty unlikely that an Army of Ninjas will drop through our skylights in the middle of the night with the intent to do us harm. However, it's really easy to make a mistake with a firearm that can never be undone. Here is some basic information on the first four rules of gun safety:

    Four Fundamental Rules of Gun Safety

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    Your exactly right sir. Not many people have to worry about an army of ninjas dropping by. God for bid even if something did happen to where you have to defend yourself and your love ones with out the basics of gun handling and shooting how are you going to be able to defend your family and yourself effectivly.
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    Great post on the safety tips.

    Very easy to forget that safety comes first when you have all that power in your hands.