some tips when buying a gun safe

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    allow me to rephrase that...

    I was in a military intelligence unit. we worked in secure areas. by the definition used in that military intelligence unit, a building with windows is inherently insecure. Even if said building is in a fenced compound with M60s at all gates.

    it all goes back to the skill and determination of the opposition. That which is secure in Tucumcari is not secure in Brooklyn.
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    unfortunately, the average person isn't going to be able to secure their home like a military installation.

    for practical purposes, this about the average Joe, with the average private dwelling looking to upgrade and make his home less attractive, or more difficult for the average burglar to breach.

    and yes, any home or business can be breached, if the intruder has the time, and the tools to gain entrance. that's a proven fact. but also, the better the security of the entrance points, and the longer it takes, is to the homeowner's advantage.