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    A lot of times people ask themselves, and some times others just what can they do to help stop the rabid anti-gunners from their attempts to deny us our rights. Many think in terms of federal laws and writing our federal legislatures. This war is being fought on many more fronts then a federal level, and each level needs pro-rights people dispelling the myths and out right lies of the anti-rights crowd.

    Get involved in your state fight, a lot more damage is being done through states passing their version of uncommon sense gun laws that we can all be subjugated by. Join your state and local rights groups, and attend their meetings. Support them with action not just money.

    Pay attention to what your county and city legislature is also doing. They may sneak in something on you that is just as devastating as anything on the bigger scale.

    Do not allow any publication to publish false gun data, or misnomer terms for firearms related items. If an article is published with any of these discrepancies then write a rebuttal and show the actual data. Demand they change, and print a correction. Keep pounding them until they comply, even create a web page if you have not already and post the rabid anti-rights disinformation and the corrections to it. Let them know you will be posting their ineptness on your web page and also spreading the information to pro-rights boards.

    If you have a good printer and can make some quality looking information fliers then do so and leave them at such places as hospitals. Don’t leave stacks of them just leave one or two like you happen to have forgot them while you were there. Keep the info on them accurate and list references to what you print.

    If you happen to be rich and want to either sponsor or put up your own radio station then don’t wait do it now. I personally am hoping to start a internet radio station in the near future the cost is a tab bit more then I can afford right at the moment but am hoping to have the money before to long.

    These are but a few things you can do to help our cause, and I am sure there are other things just as important also.

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    Good information to be sure. If your state has a 2A organization - join & support it. Also, never forget that we 2A believers and gun owners are always under the liberal microscope. Be professional, speak & write like your future rights depend on it - as they do. Do not give them the ammunition they need to make us all looks like illiterate, bloodthirsty savages...

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    Oppaw, that is a very good post.

    The city of Lawton, OK used to have a law that required permission from the chief of police to buy a handgun. That law was sneaked in at the request of the cops. It went away when the OK "make my day" law came into effect.