some thing good from WNY?

Discussion in 'Firearms in the Media' started by jjfuller1, Jul 29, 2013.

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    Good shooting citizen, now let's work on that aim just a little! ;)

  2. John_Deer

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    He was trained by NYPD. :D

    WARFAB New Member

    C'mon. Cut WNY some slack. We also provided you with chicken wings, chiavettas BBQ, beef on weck, and four straight gifts to super bowl opponents.
  4. DFlynt

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    Most of us like WNY, ya'll seem to be a far smarter bunch (by orders of magnitude) than 90% of the people in NYC.. :)
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  5. JTJ

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    You ought to make NYC a City State and leave the rest of NY State alone. Bloomberg could be the Governor and they deserve him.
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    Edit: Checked my oinfo, and I was wrong. It was 4 in a row. :eek: Got it crossed with it only being 3 different teams. Can't tell I'm not a sports fan.

    You just listed most of the only things I will miss when I move out of this state. As far as that 7 rounds thing goes, most of the LEOs I know (a couple are Buffalo cops) agree with the current Sheriff of the county to my east when he basically said " Pizz on the SAFE Act. I will not order my men to uphold an unconstitutional law."

    His opponent in the next election is already bringing this up in his political campaign. He is asking the voters to question what other laws are not being upheld because of his opponent's beliefs, and stating that: "Even if the law is wrong, it is the law of the land, and therefore, it must be enforced." Man I hope the current guy gets re-elected!
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    Hooray for the good guy, Buffalo is more like the rest of us in upstate than NYC and Albany. As far as the 7 round limit goes, most pistol owners round here have found the way around Albanizer Scrooges BS law, Its called a NY Reload, two pistols equals 14 chances to deliver terminal lead poisoning to POS Thugs and Criminals! As Jd pointed out about some of the NYPD, whacking 2 birds with one gun is better than NY Cities best seems to be able to do!

    I find it interesting that the measure of a good shoot is if the gun was legal (as declared by the paper)! If it wasnt legal, would the victim have been better off not protecting himself and following the law? Thats exactly why regulating these things like they do creates victims. A citizen should be able to go down to the local store, buy a pistol and bullets and take it home. A BG check should take 2 minutes and only invalidate a purchase if the customer is under the legal control of A federal, State, county Prison/ Jail system (IE, Parole, Home detentions or Work Release).

    If a citizen cant be trusted with a Gun, they certainly cant be trusted with a car, fly a plane, pilot a Jet Boat, own a steak-knife or any other possible second use of a lethal device.
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    I agree... They could call this new State "Liliput"... And Bloomberg already makes the perfect "munchkin" Governor. :)