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    Some liberal was giving me a hard time the other day for liking guns so I decided to try and stick this feller. Now this dude is like pretty much like all of the other college dudes..... gets drunk often.
    So I looked up statistics on how many people die per year from drinking and driving. The number is so high that my jaw literally dropped!
    In 2007 41,059 people died from drinking and driving!
    That same year only 10,086 people died from shootings! So that means DUI's kill FOUR TIMES the amount of people that firearms kill.

    So here is how my argument went to this liberal twat.
    Me- "Did you know that 41,059 people died in 2007 because of driving while drunk?
    Liberal- "Yeah well it's their fault for driving while drunk."
    Me- "Yeah but they kill the other driver to half the time." "So I think alcohol should be banned."
    Liberal- "Noooo, because then I can't party on weekends. Besides, not everyone drinks and drives. I certainly do not."
    Me- "So you are suggesting that despite the fact that people are getting killed by drinking and driving that alcohol should not be banned because the majority does not drink and drive?"
    Liberal- "Yes."
    Me- "Then why do you have a problem with people owning guns?"
    Liberal- "Yeah but guns are designed to kill and they kill a lot more than drinking and driving."
    Me- "Not true, they kill a quarter of what drinking and driving kills." "If you are really concerned about peoples safety then go dry."
    Liberal- *no comment* *I exit*

    Man that felt good. Maybe I have shut him up for at least a little while.
    Anyways, I thought I would share the statistics and the story.

    Oh, and on a side note 3,434 people died in California alone from drinking and driving. This puts California in spot #1 for the most death from DUI's. That number equates to a third of the nations deaths from firearms.
    Yep Cali, you sure know what's best for peoples safety. -_-
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    It's nice to be right.

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    Why try to convince an idiot?
  4. Shooter

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    Nothing better to do?
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    I like the argument, and have used the highway death numbers to show that driving a car is more dangerous than guns, therefor; all cars should be banned and we go back to horse and buggy.
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    Because when a guy annoys me punching him in the face isn't my first choice.......
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    And, the firearms death numbers include homicide (both criminal and justified), accidents and suicide. If you were to compare the criminal deaths involving firearms to the criminal deaths involving alcohol and motor vehicles, the numbers are staggering.
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    cuz its fun to watch them drool as their single cell intellect overheats. i figure i won when they start in on blaming bush or sarah palin should die.