Some Of Us Were Born In 1956

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by AR10, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. AR10

    AR10 New Member

    56, it was a different world then, than it is today.

    Vastly different.

    My generation, can find a job, or make a job if need be. We keep our hands busy doing constructive things.

    Kids today, video games, pop music, rap music, *** hanging out of their pants, hat on sideways, paying homage to criminals in the joint.

    Is it possible, we need gun confiscation, to protect the old people like me, from the next generation, where life is different than video games, life is real, and reality, has never been taught to this pitiful childish crop of young adults about to control everything.

    Half the people being carded for beer or cigarettes, if you flip over the I.D., it says not valid to operate a motor vehicle, and they drive off anyway, down the street, in a car with no license plates or insurance.

    Is this the first generation in America that SHOULD NOT have guns as a right and privilege? Maybe the people in Washington, know something, we as the working class do not understand?

    I went to a gun show Saturday. My eyes looked up, and a guy that used to work for me, stood there. I know this guy. He has about as much business, owning anything weapon related, as nothing. Is he OK with the feds owning guns? Has he slipped through the cracks, or is he using gun shows to purchase items? He has been investigated for murder, bank robbery, and who knows what all, that is all I know about. Nation wide, about 16% of murders and bank robberies get solved.

    Seeing this guy at a gun show, does make me wonder, just what all really goes on, under the scenes to fight against the bad guys obtaining weapons.
  2. nitestalker

    nitestalker New Member

    What if that big rig coming at you is driven by a guy wanting to die in a crash? How about that plane over your house? What did the Mailman really put in your mail box?
    A law based on "if" would deny freedom to everyone.:confused:

  3. kaido

    kaido New Member

    Well from the point I've gather AR to be getting at, he could be meaning something different, the person driving that truck, flying that plane or delivering the mail must be someone younger.

    Maybe someone born in the 80s or 90s since we must appear to all be overly immature when trusted with such high risk items or objects able to be taken advantage of in violent way.

    But like I said, he could be getting at a completely different point.
  4. AR10

    AR10 New Member

    Have any of the mass shootings been by anyone over 30?

    Remember the old saying, don't trust anyone over 30?

    May it should read, don't trust anyone under 30!
  5. Cinderocka1989

    Cinderocka1989 Well-Known Member

    We're not all the same, for the record. Thanks for the gaping generalizations though. I'm insulted. I don't look for reasons to be insulted but I am.

    I'm 24, I can out work most the people I know. I put in a 40 hour week, usually more, of honest hard work. And when the opportunity comes up I pick up extra work on the week ends. There is rarely a time when I'm not working.

    I'm a responsible, hard working adult. How dare you say that I don't deserve the same rights you have?

    Edit: One more thing. This "pitiful crop of young adults" as you so eloquently called us, were raised by YOUR GENERATION!! And the problem is not in society, the problem is bad family situations which has created the degradation of our society.
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  6. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    And I was born well before 1956.

    I could make generalizations about what the generation after mine has FAILED to maintain that we gave them. Coming out of WW 2, we had the strongest, greatest nation in the world. Best educated, highest standard of living, best health care, legal system, transportation, industries, research- and so on.

    Just as there is no ONE here that is responsible for changes in the mid 60's, so no one person here is responsible for people with no work ethic, respect for law, etc.

    I have grandkids as old- or older- than many of the members here. My two eldest grandsons and eldest granddaughter worked their way thru college, and are all employed, self respecting folks busy raising their own families. They have no responsibility for gangsta rappers, crack babies, or dinging up your car door at 7-11.

    Broad generalizations can be really risky- the media is doing that right now with gun owners. I am going to suspend this thread for a day. I would ask you to consider whether you want it to reopen, and let me know- 24 hours from now.

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