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  1. boatme98

    boatme98 New Member

    The First Car thread got me thinking about what I've owned. Here's the list of ones I can remember right now:
    1 '65 Chevy Bel Aire sta. wagon
    2 '65 Oldsmobile Jetstar 88
    3 '65 Olds Jetstar I
    4 '65 Olds Cutlass conv.
    5 '69 Chevy 3/4t p/u Camper Special type
    6 '66 Chevy Impala conv.
    7 '69 MGB
    8 '68 Cadillac Sedan De Ville
    9 '71 Ford Galaxy
    10 '74 VW Beetle
    11 '73 Plymouth sta. wag.
    12 '65 Dodge A100 window van
    13 '72 VW Beetle
    14 '71 VW camper
    15 '78 VW Westphalia camper
    16 '62 Dodge 3/4t crew cab p/u ex USAF flightline vehicle
    17 '65 Plymouth Satellite conv
    18 '71 Ford F100 p/u step side
    19 '73 Ford F 100 p/u utility
    20 '68 Chevy Suburban
    21 '68 Oldsmobile Delta 88 conv
    22 '81 Chevy S 10
    23 '80 Ford 1t 12' stake bed
    24 '77 Cadillac Sedan De Ville
    25 '85 BMW 318 bought it for $1.00 drove it 2 yrs and gave it away in a bar
    26 '85 Pontiac Grand Am $300. drove it 3 yrs & sold for $1200
    27 '97 Ford F150 XLT still have it-for sale
    28 '93 Lincoln TC current
    29 '94 Lincoln TC current
    30 '06 Ford Explorer just traded for-
    31 2011 Hyundai Sante Fe

    Hm, not one 4X4. Think I'll have to remedy that soon.

    I know there were a few more, but they'll come to me later. I've owned some vehicles a couple of days and the longest about 10 years.
  2. neilage66

    neilage66 New Member

    71 buick skylark
    73 chevy pickup
    73 dodge dart sport
    68 ford pickup
    74 pinto wagon
    78 chevy monza
    70 buick skylark
    78 buick regal
    67 buick electra 225
    80 ford courier pickup
    80 IH Scout II
    78 IH Scout II
    65 IH Scout 80
    68 ford E100 shorty van
    90 GMC pickup
    76 Jeep CJ5
    90 Jeep Cherokee Laredo

    Not sure if the above is complete and motorcycles is a long list too...

  3. Trez

    Trez Well-Known Member

    Wow I havent had that many and I can barely remember these...

    '40 Ford Deluxe Coupe.... Still have it, but never have gotten to drive it, some bastard stole my carbs!:mad:
    '84 Chysler Fifth Ave... I hated that car... I put it though hell, but it would not die!
    '80-something Chevy 1/2 ton pickup
    '81 Pontiac Grand Prix
    '73 International 1110 1/2 pickup... The greatest vehicle ive ever owned, bought it for $300 and drove it for years, I still have it and it runs!!
    '97 Cadillac Seville..... My first and last "nice" car... Bought it off a old lady with 50,000 miles on it, killed it by 100,000 :(
    '92 Honda Accord.... Was told by "everybody" Toyotas and Hondas run forever... Killed it in a month, so much for that... :confused:
    '73 International Scout... Always wanted one (it was the reason I got my first IH) I love it, but doors and a roof would be nice....
  4. Trez

    Trez Well-Known Member

    Awesome!! Thumbs up!!:D
  5. neilage66

    neilage66 New Member

    The 1980 was my daily driver for over a decade.
    Great memories of road tripping in the sunshine with my Grandfather in his later years with the convertible top down. :D
  6. subie-jeep

    subie-jeep New Member

    My list is very short :(
    1- 94 Toyota 4runner-traded in to get #2
    2- 02 Subaru Impreza-still have
    3- 94 Grand Cherokee-still have
  7. boatme98

    boatme98 New Member

    Neil, actually my plan right now is to sell the 97 Ford p/u and one of the Towncars and pick up a Scout.
  8. neilage66

    neilage66 New Member

    I think that's a fine idea.
    I really enjoyed my Scouts.

    My best friend had one at the time too and we would often *Go Scoutin'* after work, meaning we would hang out at his farm and work on our trucks.

    We also scrounged in bone yards every chance we got looking for old IH vehicles and buying spares of all types by the truckload.
    That was back a few years when the junkyards let you have free reign with your tools to pick and pull whatever struck your fancy.
    Now its mostly *cover your **** from liability.

    I've traveled all over God's green pea patch looking for parts and abandoned trucks or to chase down a Scout sighting. It paid off once in awhile but was mostly just plain fun!

    NAPA gals knew me by my first name, the used car lots called me if an IH came in and old farmers pointed me toward more parts than I can remember.

    Good times. :D
  9. Trez

    Trez Well-Known Member

    Did you like the "old" style Scout or the Scout II better? Right now I drive a Scout II but have a scout 80 I want to fix up (it has the folding windshield, which I miss from my Samurai)
    Crap! see I knew I forgot something.. Add a '86 Suzuki Samurai to the list... It was never really a driver, just a toy for out in the desert...

    Same here Im known for collecting IH's "dead or alive".... Ive saved a few from the crusher.. The last 2 Scouts I got were from a scraper, and I had both running in 15 minutes. I cant believe they were going to be crushed!! :eek: I parted out the 800 and kept the 80 for a future project..
  10. DrGonzo11

    DrGonzo11 New Member

    1-1990 Plymouth Station Wagon w/ faux wood panels
    2-1991 Ford Probe
    3-1989 Honda Accord
    4-1996 Lincoln Town Car Signature series
    5-2008 Scion TC (current)
    6- But I spend most of my time in a 40'+ Peterbilt 8-bay Mickey Body
  11. Trez

    Trez Well-Known Member

    @Boatme I see you had a '77 caddie too, I grew up in one of those... My dad use to race horses, and wanted something comfortable to pull horses with and me being a young lad, something without rear doors to fall out of. You should of seen the looks we got driving up in a 2 door Cadillac pulling a 2-horse trailer...

    BTW... '77 was Cadillacs 75th anniversary....;)
  12. vincent

    vincent New Member

    74 Chevy- Camaro-dead
    78 Chevy- Camaro-dead
    78 Ford Granada-totaled, not my fault
    79 Chevy Camaro Z-28-totaled, MY fault
    76 Chevy Monte Carlo-totaled, MY fault
    82 Chevy Cavalier-winter s**t kicker
    82 Chevy Caprice coupe-dead
    85 Chevy K-5 Blazer-sold to buy engagement ring, yes, I'm stupid :mad:
    86 Chevy Monte Carlo SS-sold to Dale Earnhardt fan
    85 Chevy pickup-work truck, business tanked, sold for beer money
    85 Chevy pickup-dead
    97 Dodge Dakota-totaled, not my fault
    88 Toyota pickup-dead, half a million miles, whaddya expect!! :D
    85 Chevy Cavalier-bought for girlfriend, yes, I'm still stupid :confused:
    02 Dodge Dakota-traded in for...
    08 Chevy 2500-still have, 13 MPG so my every day driver is...
    95 Mercedes C220...People drive me nuts, they see the hood ornament and think I'm's 17 years old, paid $1500 and it gets 31 MPG, or 500 miles to the tank, savng up for another engagement ring...NOT! :D
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  13. boatme98

    boatme98 New Member

    Hey Vincent, lets go for a ride! Dang you get in a lot of accidents. :D
  14. fireguy

    fireguy New Member

    I'll see if I can remember them all.
    '65 Ford Galaxie 500, it was a boat. Wrecked by my brother.
    '71 Ford Galaxie 500, 390 motor, it would run pretty well.
    '72 Chevy Nova
    '69 Chevy C10, ended up with the Nova motor after a timing chain incident.
    '79 Chevy Z28 Camaro, lost in divorce in '84.
    '74 Ford Pinto station wagon to get by after losing Camaro
    '84 Ford BroncoII
    '86 Chevy Camaro
    '89 Chrysler LeBaron, loved the car, but never again, it cost me a fortune in repairs
    '91 Chevy C1500 ext. cab
    '00 Ford Taurus, still going with 160k+ miles
    '03 Ford SportTrac, 90k+ miles
    '98 Honda Shado American Classic Edition
    '04 Honda VTX 1300S
  15. neilage66

    neilage66 New Member

    @ Trez: The Scout II's are...well...*modern* by Scout 80 standards. They both have their merits.
    You would be a rare bird (probably a desert rat) if you drove a Scout 80 on a daily basis today. I was a rare bird when I drove one! haha
    I did love the Comanche engine but the 304 is a real good power plant too.
    I guess it's rare (at least around here) to see anyone drive a Scout II on a daily basis.
    I know of exactly 1 that I see parked in a driveway, registered and on the road and it is a cream puff that I missed a chance to buy years ago by about 1 week. It was a barn find and a Texas truck. :)
    My Scout II had near 300K miles on it when I sold it, so you never know.
  16. vincent

    vincent New Member

    I know,:D right!! Seems about every 5 years some dang tree jumps out in the road!!
  17. vincent

    vincent New Member

    Sorry to hear about your Z28, my deepest condolences...:( I still love those cars, would love to restore one someday
  18. ScottA

    ScottA FAA licensed bugsmasher Lifetime Supporter

    1967 MGB (the only one I killed... stupid, stupid, stupid...)
    1983 Mercury Capri (the one I should have killed)
    1984 Ford Crown Victoria (couldn't kill it if you tried)
    1994 Dodge Dakota (my curiosity was greater than my equipment's capabilities)
    1996 Chrysler Sebring Convertible (I'll never do a lease again)
    1996 Pontiac Grand Prix (it was practically home while dating my wife)
    1994 Honda Accord (came with the wife)
    1986 Olds 88 (the stop gap)
    2001 Mazda Tribute (broke my wife's finger)
    2003 Kia Sorrento (we either got the best one built or it's better than its reputation)
    1985 Mercedes 300D (built like a tank, but only likes warm weather)
    1998 Olds LSS (just an all around great car)
    2003 BMW 330Ci Convertible (fun but too many problems)
    2008 Honda Ridgeline (the girl truck)
    2011 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon TDI (I've only had it for a month, but it sure makes those weekly Chicago trips go much faster... and cheaper)
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  19. VikingGuy

    VikingGuy New Member

    1979 Olds Cutlass
    1984 Chevy Cavalier
    1986 Chevy Monte Carlo
    1986 Pontiac Trans Am
    1976 Chevy K5 Blazer
    1981 Dodge Omni
    1972 Chevy K5 Blazer
    1986 Renault Alliance
    1976 Jeep CJ-5
    1995 Plymouth Neon
    1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    1991 GMC Sonoma
    1987 Acura Integra
    1990 Jeep Cherokee
    1998 Saturn SL2
    1996 Dodge Grand Caravan
    2002 Pontiac Grand Prix
    2002 Dodge Grand Caravan
    2000 Jeep Cherokee - Current
    2003 Chevy Tahoe - Current
    2011 Hyundai Sonata - Current
  20. boatme98

    boatme98 New Member

    1986 Renault Alliance

    Don't think I've ever met anyone who would admit that! :D