Some new handgun owner questions...

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    I'm new to handgun ownership (just got my carry permit from NYS a couple weeks ago), and in the process a few questions have arisen:

    First, many weapons come with either 10 round magazines (required here in NY, as I'm sure many of you know) or the "normal" higher capacity mags. Can I generally just get the smaller magazines and put them in, or do manufacturers actually make different models for the different magazine capacities? I'm looking at having a gun shipped in (via, perhaps), and it would be a lot easier if I could just tell the seller to leave the larger mags out, rather than having to make sure I get the "10 round model."

    Second, I've been looking at getting a Ruger MkII or MkIII, but I've seen (on this forum and others) people complaining about the magazine disconnect safety on the MkIII. Any thoughts/opinions/ideas?
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    Here's some info: Pistol Permits FAQs

    Hope it helps. NYS gun regs vary from county to county, (I'm originally from Jefferson county), so be sure to consult your local laws, also.

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    You CAN use regular model pistols with 10 round magazines, but if you order new, the manufacturer will ship only 10 round magazines with it. As long as you don't have high capacity magazines "IN YOUR POSSESSION", you're OK.

    As to the Ruger mk3s, the goofy magazine disconnect safety is ridiculously simple to bypass-simply install an mk2 hammer, saving the pivot tube, and chucking the magazine disconnect safety lever & it's spring. I KNOW this works great and they're STILL 100% safe as I've already converted 4 back to mk2 configuration. The nice thing is you still have the loaded chamber indicator of the mk3.
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