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    Ok, Maybe not quite home video quality, But family stuff just the same.
    Both of these videos were from the same day, My son and I went out to the Geode beds in Western Utah with our Land Cruiser group to dig up some geodes.

    I edited some footage from a friend's cell phone...
    This shows me being an idiot and a friends wife showing my son how to shoot a BB gun.

    Geode beds, Nov '09 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Here is my son about to shoot the AK 47, I stopped filming just before he fires it, It turns out he was having a hard time seeing through the scope, I think he was too far away, But at least he learned, The first time he shot it he was too close and ended up with the scope popping him in the forehead.

    Max shooting 001 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Here is what we saw.
    Renegade Run- Dugway Geode Beds Thanksgiving Weekend - Page 3 - WC Forums if you start at post #62 that is where the trail report starts, Not a whole lot to see, But its a good high speed run.
    Im sure there will be more shooting trips in the future, I need to remember my tripod along with my camera
    Enjoy :)
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