Some Help With my RIA?

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by pagj17, Oct 4, 2011.

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    Ha! You thought I was going to be begging for Help because it was malfunctioning, Right? Well, Thankfully Mine's been 100%, except for when I tried to put an Ed Brown Extractor in it:p (the extractor was too tight, in a way)
    Anyways, my question actually relates to Finding a new Front sight for it.
    I have an MGW .195 White dot front sight on it now, and A Novak GI cut "Carry" sight or some such thing. Well with the front sight, it shoots about 2 inches low out to my "maximum engagement" zone.( 60 feet is what I'd say is my max with a pistol at this time, for shooting paper or anything else) and So I figure it needs a lower Front sight. Midway no longer carry's them.

    So Question one is, Is my front sight the problem?

    Question 2 is, If it is the problem, do you know the formula to calculate the height needed? I thought it was on Novak's website, but it seems to be down at this point in time.
    Question 3 is, Where should I go about getting a new Front sight? MGW only makes them in .195 Variety, and Meprolight makes them in various, But they're tritium and If I can avoid this, I would like to.

    And Now for something completely different,
    Has anyone ever Blued their RIA, and if so, How did it turn out?
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    Going back to the Ed Brown Extractor...
    I never have problems fitting Ed Brown parts (but I never tried to put them into a RIA either).

    On sights, check or

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    Thanks Dan!
    The extractor "cut" For the firing pin stop had the extractor sitting out about an eighth of an inch from the rear of the slide, and it was "tuned" tight to the point of causing 3 point jams every time. It's not Ed Brown's Part problem, and I figured that It would be better to tune the RIA extractor for Temporary purposes, until I decide what finish I want for the RIA, and then tune the extractor, trim the back of the extractor to fit the RIA, and refinish it. I'm thinking of just Oxpho bluing it, as I'm not going to spend 200-300 dollars to blue a gun I've got 500 bucks into:)
    I'm Thinking that with the front sight, which is a narrow Tenon, I have three options. The first is to go with a Meprolight Tritium setup, which would set me back around 100 bucks, and give me tritium sights, which I'm not too hot on for this gun, but it may be worth it in the future.
    The Second is I may miraculously find the front sight size I need, which neither Brownells nor Midway has at the time.
    The Third option is to order a "blank" MGW front sight, trim it to the right height, drill a dimple in it, and paint the dimple white.
    Thanks for your Response Sir!