Some dirty rat broke into my garage.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Jo da Plumbr, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Jo da Plumbr

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    So this morning I’m getting out of the shower and getting dressed when I hear the alarm on my garage go off. I take the time to put on some underwear, grab the MP45 and run out thru the backyard. I had to call the dogs to go with me as they were still in bed. Lazy mutts. When I get there all the doors and locks are secure, and no one was inside.
    I’m thinking some mouse or rat got to close to the alarms motion sensor. I’ve never had a false alarm from the system since I installed it four years ago. Time for some more Decon.

    Looking back at the way I handled this I did a very poor job. I should have been acting as if I was going to find an armed intruder. I should have come from the other side of the house that gave more cover for my approach. I should have been more concerned with my safety then worried about the noise waking up the neighbors at 5:30am. The only thing I did right was bring the MP with me. And of course putting on the underwear.Luckily this turned out to be just a good learning experience.
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    Sorry to hear about the rat. When I was in high school we had a rat come into our house. We had a VERY pregnant, due that week, weiner dog that was on that thing like white on rice. 5 am and this dog is chasing the rat all over the house until it cornered it, rat didn't stand a chance, dog didn't get so much as a scratch.

    I think you can/have use this as a good training tool. You've identified what you did right and what you did wrong. Now take steps to improve on the areas of weakness. I think we can all be reminded to have a plan in the event of a break in.

  3. Caliche

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    Glad to hear it wasn't a 2 legged vermin.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Jo, good to know it was nothing serious and your safe. As you said, this was a good learning experience and you evaluated and critiqued your actions and will react differently if there is a next time, so something good did come out of it after all. :)

    Rest of you damn guys type to fast. :p

  5. layton

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    Glad everything turned out ok for you Jo, I had a simular incident happen last month,I have a detached garage, in which from the last Hurricane, I had a 10 thousand watt generator and four chain saw's, two of of the saws were never opened and used, so about 3 in the afternoon, my wife and I went to eat, when we got back, she went to the garage for the clothes, she called me and I saw that the garage door was open and the above items were gone, and this was in broad daylight!

    So it does not make any difference if yo have a tank, it does no good if you are not there, a hard lesson learned. I do carry my XD when ever I leave, but have changed the way I enter the house up on returning,I used to just put it in my hip pocket when I got out of the car and opened the door to the house, I now have it in my hand with the safty off and unlock the door and cautiously look in the house, it was a wake up call to say the least. That made me realize that you never know what is on the other side of the door you are opening and it is best to be prepared to the utmost for any surprise.

  6. dunerunner

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    Gets the blood pumpin' at 5:30 though. Glad it was only an actual rodent!
  7. orangello

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    Glad it wasn't a burglar.

    I'm sure the neighbors appreciated the undies, as would the paramedics had you taken a nasty fall. :eek:
  8. Jo da Plumbr

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    Boy you got that right!

    Need to change my avatar from the cat to a rat.
  9. CA357

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    I'm glad it worked out okay. Lessons learned and no harm, no foul.
  10. WDB

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    Jo, Keep an eye out as it still could have been a two legged rat that ran when the alarm went off! Either way it was good training and no matter how many times you run a drill (in your mind or in real life) it's never the same when the arlam goes off.
  11. feedsasquatch

    feedsasquatch New Member

    Hindsight being 20/20, I'm glad that I had my "5:30 alarm" experience too a couple months ago. Everyone needs to go through a "practice" session before the real thing...
  12. zhuk

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    In case of two-legged rats, you could always stick up this poster:


    For those who have the luxury of actually defending themselvs against intruders, you can get them here CafePress

    Hmm. What would be my 'practice session'?

    1. Move towards phone.
    2. Pick up phone.
    3. Ring 000 (911 to you).
    4. Cross fingers they get here in time.
    5. alternative to #4: pick up steel mountain bike handlebar and wonder if you'll get charged if you dare use it lol