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  1. berny2435

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    I'm fairly new to the gun world and seeking assistance in making a decision.

    I'm looking to strategically build my arsenal of fun toys from ZERO to 2 here in a short while. handgun and rifle combo. Pretty sure I'm going 9mm Springfield XDM or a Kimber Pro Carry II 9mm.

    So basically I'm looking for a rifle that will mainly suit these needs (mostly plinking)

    1.) be more fun to shoot than one with .22LR ammo
    2.) not be that expensive to shoot (looking for advice on ammo)
    3.) use a sort of universal Round (something that is used in multiple types of guns, example .223 or 357 Magnum.)
    4.) be remotely reliable
    5.) under $600 range
    6.) I like iron sites and want some to start out with to learn the gun (most ranges around me probably aren't greater than 100yards)
    7.) want ability to mount a scope to for future.
    8.) not big into hunting but might be once I buy a nice rifle! :D
    9.) I'm an Engineer so I like something that is versatile
    10.) willing to sacrifice overly versatile for something simple that could be a family hand-me-down.
    11.) can you hunt anything with a 22 magnum?

    Ideas please

    I came accross the Kel Tec SU-16CA. Looks like a good option. Is there similar gun that shoots a cheaper round?

    I also like the idea of a Henry repeater in a 30-30 but yet again, looking for input.
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  2. spyderfan

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    I like marlin for lever actions I have few they have always done me good I like the Kel-tec su-16c over the su-16Calfornia. I don't own one though Some people have said they aren't built to last 5,000 round waranty or something like that uhm maybe Saiga 223. if your going to get something of the semi auto guns you need to shoot some higher quality ammo well you don't but it might not perform as well . As for number 1 22s can be loads of fun 10-22 with a drum magazine can be a real blast. Maybe you can buy a marlin chambered in a pistol calliber like like the 44. magnum then you can get a pistol and can shoot both. Uhm I am sure some one is going to suggest the ar-15 even though it's out of your price range. This is a tough one maybe you should start off .22 you have never owned a gun before.

  3. berny2435

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    I've owned a 12ga shot gun. Didn't shoot it much. Sold it b/c I was an idiot lol!

    I've shot a .22 plenty. I would rather buy something with more punch and be usefull down the road for hunting. Semi auto is not important to me. Just cool and appeals more to my Versatile Engineering Mind side.

    I don't plan on range shooting the Long rifle much over the pistol but that could change. 5,000 round reliability doesn't seem very good for a semi auto Rifle.. .

    I've heard some good things about CZ rilfes so maybe a 22Mag in one of them like so.
    CZ Model 452 Lux Rimfire Rifle 02002, 22 Short/Long/Long Rifle, 24.8", Bolt Action, Turkish Walnut S

    nice Marlin 30-30 with scope package for under $500
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  4. spyderfan

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    I have never owned a CZ but 22mag doesn't pack that more punch than a normal .22lr. And what do you plan on hunting I would never hunt deer with a .223 unless I am hunting coyotes. Maybe you would like the .308 round much bigger round than .223 maybe a saiga chambered in .308 saigas aren't target guns either AKs where designed to go bang with little care. You would like the marlin they are nice guns even though i have to replace some parts on my of my model 39As. it was a dinosaur though.
  5. Shihan

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    You mentioned .223, plinking, fun and iron sights, sounds like a Ruger Mini-14.
    I think it fits your list quite nicely.

    You can find them for right around $600.
  6. bgeddes

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    Wow, this is a wide open request for opinions, and guns are like cars, no two people like the same thing.

    That said, you need to decide you goals for the rifle. For general all around hunting everything, tough to beat the 30-06 and or the .308. Just two rounds super versatile for hunting anything bigger that varmints (deer, coyotes, etc.) For varmints, (prairie dogs, wood chucks, etc) .223 or .243, both have their merits.

    If you just want to launch lead cheap, the choices are limited. I'd say .223 or 7.62x39mm. The later is typically not a precision round. Good news is guns for both are really fun and not to pricey. The AR or the AK.

    For the other two rounds, buy a decent rifle and top it with great optics. Lots of great rifles in those calibers in the $350-400 range. Save your change until you spend the same on glass. Then you will have a good rifle.

    You have to pick what fits you. Certainly don't forget to keep that .22 in the mix. It's a tough round to shoot well, and probably the best for many things.

    Good luck, read much, and keep up with the research.

  7. cpttango30

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    Hows about an AR-15 flat top for $600. You are going to need to supply a rear sight (Not a big deal). W.A.S.P. Bargain Bin 16 inch M4,

    Now to your questions.
    1. Nothing is more fun to shoot than a 22lr.
    2. 22lr is the cheapest to shoot. Other than that 223 is rather cheap.
    3. there is no universal round. There are some rounds that are used in a wide verity of rifle and pistol platforms.
    4. Just about any gun can be reliable if you take care of it properly.
    5. $600 is going to restrict your options. Look at bolt guns like the stevens 200 and Marlin XL7.
    6. Starting with irons is a very good thing to do. That is the way that I learned and I think it makes for better shooters to lean on open sights.
    7. With the AR I posted above that is easy as it has a 1913 Picatinny rail on it.
    8. 223 is normally only good for towel heads and varmints.
    9. Nothing is more versatile than an AR-15 you can start with the basic model and add more and more uppers to fit your needs.
    10. Any gun can be handed down.
    11. Small game that is about it. It sure makes for a good rabbit rounds out to about 150 yards.
  8. Txhillbilly

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    Berny,First you need to decide on what you will be doing with the weapon.
    If you are going to hunt with it at all,what are you planning on hunting? Small game,Varmints,or Medium-Large game.

    If you just want something for shooting targets/plinking a 223 will serve you well.It will also serve as a very good varmint gun.And 223 ammo is also plentiful,cheap,and easy to find.
    If you want an very accurate rifle with under a $600 price tag,go with a bolt action rifle. Howa,Savage/Stevens,Tikka,Marlin all make rifles in your price range.
    Semi auto rifles like the Keltech,Saiga are fun to shoot,but are not as accurate as the bolt actions. I wouldn't think much about the 5000 rd comment,Keltech makes a decent gun,and their customer service is good from what I've heard. I have a Keltech PLR-16 and a Saiga 223,and have been happy with both guns for several years.

    Lever Actions in pistol calibers are a blast to shoot,but unless you want to get a used one,most will be above you price limit for a quality gun.
    Winchester,Marlin,Uberti,Henry all make great pistol caliber lever actions,I'm not too impressed with the Puma/Rossi made now but an old Rossi is also a good gun.
    A 30-30 lever action is also a good choice,and very much in your price range.

    My first choice though,would be a quality 22lr. You can get really skilled at shooting with one,and it won't break the bank feeding it.
  9. berny2435

    berny2435 New Member

    Thank you all for input.

    As a Manufacturing Engineer in think from all angles so a gun that can do many things is something that I think I'd value more than something that is really only good for plinking, or taking down a dear or elk. I realize it's tough to get that one gun that can do it all and at an economic price level. I do realize it's allways best to use the right tool for the job at hand

    Since I don't have the land to go shooting currently, I think I'd get a little bored with a 22lr although I know it's a great little gun for learning and such. I'm not throwing it out of the picture just yet, just trying to research what else is out there in a descent price range that can be somewhat versatile. I think the g/f would flip out if I braught home a AR15 or AK. Those might not be in the mix for a while. The Kel Tec SU-16 is probably pushing the limits of what she would have a conniption fit over.
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    Girl friend or AR huummmmmmm
  11. cpttango30

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    I have plenty of centerfire rifles and the one gun that goes with me every single trip to the range is my Remington 511x 22lr. I mean every time I step out of the house towards the range it is right next to me in the car.

    I have 2 223, 308, 30-06, 6.5x57mm 45acp 1911.

    I have the following 22lrs.
    Remington 511x
    Remington 513t
    Mossberg M46
    Mossberg M44us
    Marlin 81D
    Ruger MkII
    Beretta Neos

    As you can see I have a good selection of rimfires. Never count out that a rimfire is just fun to shoot. I don't know but I never get tired of shooting rimfires. Oh I love my AR and my 308 but they are just not as much fun to shoot as my 22's.

    I still say get the CMMG bargin bin flat top AR with a Yankee Hill Machine Flip-Up Rear Sight AR-15
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  12. berny2435

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    do you have 8 grandchildren?

    I'm considering a Ruger Mini 14 now. Appears to be a gun that I'd be proud to own and has some historical value for me. I use to love the A-team! I probably wont go for the tactical model though.
  13. berny2435

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  14. willfully armed

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    Ummm. Like a 357 doesnt have much more over a 38?

    22mag is a far cry from the 22lr.

    OP- what did that BL22 cost, if you dont mind sharing?
    Ive always been a fan of the Marlin 39A for a 22 levergun.

    CZ 452 Lux is about the finest bolt action 22 you can find for a fair price, I had a Brooks trigger in mine, maybe a 10 oz pull. Damn shame I sold it, but I was offered $450.

    I would have suggested an Ar15 with a 22lr conversion. Youd have had about $700-750 invested.

    If your looking at a .30-30, you should be able to find a Marlin 336 or 30AS for $300 or under.
  15. berny2435

    berny2435 New Member

    I was really looking for a lever action. For some reason they just appeal to me more than a T-bolt for a 22. I didn't find any nice Marlins at the show. Some nice Winchesters but the good lookin ones were priced too high.

    If I get another 22, it will likely be a CZ452 lux like you said.

    The guy was asking $650. I got it for $600 cash with 2 scope rings. I plan on shooting it ;-) unlike he did. Since it appears the SN has an error in it, I'm thinking I should have passed the deal up but I couldn't know that unless I brought some research papers with me or something. But it's not like you'd pay much less than $600 if you went online or to Cabellas and picked up a new or used one.
    Cabela's -- Gun Details
    Cabela's -- Gun Details

    Only thing I want to do to it is put a little color on far sight so you can see it easier. The visibility of the site is one of the weaknesses of this lil classic.
  16. M14sRock

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  17. berny2435

    berny2435 New Member

    cool but the gun funds are gone for the time being. Next firearm related purchase will likely be a mini 14 or a XDm9. Might be a nice scope for this 22. just depends on how I like the iron sites on it.
  18. ScottA

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    Sounds like you're looking for either a .223 (probably an AR), or a .22 if you really want to do a LOT of shooting.
  19. Josey Wales '94

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    spyderfan said it- Saiga, .223 for cheap, coyote, pig, um, Human, cartridge. Saiga .308 for deer, elk, moose, and um, again, Humans. And .308 is available from Silver Bear, but its not gonna be a target gun with that ammo. .223 is available from cheap Russian manufacturers too.
    -Pistol. Well I bought a Taurus pt101 .40 S&W, for $299 at Academy, it was a Black Friday sell they had goin on for a LONG time after BF ended.
  20. berny2435

    berny2435 New Member

    fo sho. 223 is likely where it's at for me.