Some 25yd accuracy testing with my Taurus 24/7 OSS 9mm.

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    I've shot about 300 rounds so far through my new OSS since I got it a few days ago on the 10th. This morning, I shot a couple of 25yd groups for accuracy. I did a 4" group, standing unsupported, and a 1.75" group in a kneeling position with my forearms and magazine base resting on the bench. I hope it's repeatable, but things are looking promising!

    This was with some Russian steel-cased 115gr ammo. I think it was TulAmmo or brown Bear, but I don't know for sure since I bought it last year and sealed it up in bottles without the boxes.

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  2. sweeper22

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    If you can keep a pistol inside of 4" at 25yd, you're doing great.

    I usually only shoot for groups at about 10yds. I can empty 2mags from my CZ 75 (30rds) and pretty well keep all 30 to about a 4" group at that range. But at 25yds I'm sure I'd have several flyers.

    I shoot at a lot of 25yd plinking targets at an outdoor range a few times a month. I can only hit 3-4" steel targets about 70% of the time at that range, and about 90% on 6" targets.

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    That better than most LEO I work with, nice.
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    Ive worked with some LEOs tht had to do the course 3 or 4 times over until they qualified.thts good shooting by CLEET standards