Solvents on Plated Parts?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Old-Fashioned, May 24, 2007.

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    Just got through reading "The Glock In Competition" and in the chapter on cleaning, it says don't use solvents that will peel the nickel plating off of the connector, trigger draw bar or other plated parts. The book does name GunScrubber as a culprit, but does this include Hoppes? I've read labels today on several solvents in the local shop and not one mentions it may be harmful to nickel plated parts. How is one to know? I've been using Hoppes to quickly clean up the muck on the barrel and everything else, and then use Break Free. Hoppes okay? Also, I only use WWB. Do I need to use Hoppes for copper?
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    Most plated parts, especially nickel plated, use a copper "base" for the plating to adhere to. Any solvent that is used to remove copper fouling or deposits from bullet jackets will attack ANY copper, they don't differentiate. I have seen very a valuable plated 1911 ruined (not functionally, just cosmetically and value wise) because the owner found this out the hard way.