Softpoint vs Hollowpoint: Which and Why?

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  1. Hello,

    I was loading some softpoints for the 7.62x54R the other day. I got to thinking, why do they make both?

    Given a hollowpoint designed to expand (not the target type) and a softpoint of the same weight and basic design, what is the difference in terminal performance?

    Why choose one over the other?

    I was raised around handguns, shotguns and rimfires; the rifle's terminal ballistics and bullet designs are new to me.

    I do not understand why one might choose an expanding hollowpoint over a softpoint, or vice versa.

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  2. c3shooter

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    JSP penetrates more than a JHP. In hunting, the goal is a LARGE wound channel that goes through. Two holes- one lets air in, one lets blood out. HP RIFLE ammo (not handgun) is generally not made for expansion, but for accuracy, by moving weight at the tip out from the axis of rotation.

  3. JonM

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    Exactly what C3 said I would like to add that the hollow tip on rifle bullets behave radically different than in handguns. Rifle hp tend to leave hideous surface wounds on game animals who then tend to run for miles before succombing to infection shock or blood loss. Do not hunt with them.
  4. shooter57

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    this................stick JSP for hunting

    I've heard nothing but good things about the larger 200gr SP round nose in the 7.62x54 for big game hunting
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    hollow points vs soft points

    Bullet design and applications have changed drastically in the past decade ,new metals ,not to mention computer applications to model data from actual wound characteristics. soft points are historically for hunting ,fmj for plinking or battle (geneva convention).hp for handgun defense ....but things change You have solid gilding metal like barnes tsx thats great for hunting ,powdered metal frags for defense , and dont forget complex loads combining different shot sizes used in shotgun applications . And my favorite the new winchester power max hollowpoints made specifically for whitetails(These work) I killed 4 deer : 1 doe ,3 bucks body weights from 115 -200 lbs with them at various ranges from 60 -180 yrds 150 grn .308 all 1 shot kills with recovery in 20 yrds or less . We have come along way since the ''minie'' ball .