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    I have a truglo red dot that I like very much especially within 100 yards, but I really enjoy reaching out there anywhere from 200 to 450+ (wishful thinking) with my model 700. My question is I really like the Nikon coyote and I am wondering what yall think about the scope with the gun. Would there be any problems with durability or any other problems I might encounter with the scope? I need to buy a scope base for it and plan on getting a Springfield gen 2 or 4. I have heard the Gen 3 is off a little bit from the top rail. Did I hear correctly?

    Gun: Springfield socom II
    Normally shoot Winchester ballistic silver tip ammo when hunting
    At the range I use Remington core-loc

    My desired coyote scope is the 4.5-14x42
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    450+ is easily achievable with the Springfield . I prefer a higher powered scope like a 6-24 for those distances . Take a look at the bushnell Elite/ Elite Tactical series they make it in a 1.25-8 X32 all the way to a 4.5-30X50 and if your not satisfied they have a 100% money back guarantee for scope, tax and shipping back to them

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    M14sRock or MrM14 would be the ones to ask about a mount for the M1A.
    I don't think they care much for the Sprinfield factory mounts.

    There have been a few discussions on this matter before.Use the search engine,and you can probably find one of them on here.