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    I love the look of the Zebra Striped M1A1 SOCOM II.

    But I want a .308 Battle Rifle that can run the Tactical Rifle Course at my local training location, and them swap from an EOTech to a Scope and Shoot 200+ yard bullseye

    My Budget is about $2,200.00

    Any Suggestions?
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    Your choice concerning the Springfield M1A1 SOCOM is an excellent rifle. I love my Rock River LAR-08 16" rifle also but you have the right idea. I have two M1As also which is similar to the M-14 Match Guns I had in the military. But with that the Springfield would be my first choice for what you are talking about. The other issue is the EOTech would also be fine for shooting accurately at 200 yards. Since they have a 1 MOA Reticle Dot. I have used them extensively at that range and further. The issue is if you take the EOTech off and then switch back and forth you are no doubt going to need to re-zero the scope. And you will also experience some variance with taking the scope off and putting the EOTech back on. Since you are talking about a moving tactical course. You may want to consider the EOTech and the EOTech 3X Magnifier which works in conjunction with the EOTech and flips out of the way when not in use. Just a thought. Good luck on you selection.


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    Thank You! I though about the 3x magnifier but didn't think the rail went back far enough to be able to use that on the Socom II.

    If it would, that would be ideal

    I usually run the course with a 5.56 on order to save money. .35-.45 cents a round x 600 rounds over the 4 days is Ok, but at $1 a round or more for .308 I will have to save more dinero for each trip.

    Such is the price of our hobby eh?