So your trigger is kinda hard to pull

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    I've been seeing where people are asking for light trigger pulls, less take-up, and other things for the triggers of 1911s (but thankfully, not on this site.)

    I had a customer who purchased a Girsan from an on-line dealer. He came to me asking for a 3lb trigger pull with an adjustable trigger he saw in some gun magazine. After letting him judge the trigger pull on some of my 1911s he was asking for one like mine. I put a trigger pull gauge on and showed him that none of my 1911s had a trigger pull of less than 4lbs.

    We put his on the gauge and found that his trigger pull was at least 7lbs and not consistent. Sometimes we got 7, sometime we go 9, and sometimes 8.

    The adjustable trigger was adjustable for overtravel only. He thought that the adjustable was for the pull. It is not. So he did not want to replace trigger.

    So the work began. I had a spring kit from Brownells.

    Looking at the trigger bows, I found that they were rough and not straight. So I spent an hour or so only on the trigger. Straighten here, bend there, and a little more straightening here, a little more bending there. After I was satisfied with the straightness, I used a fine stone to smooth the rough spots.

    By the time I was done, the trigger was about 70% better than what it was and moved freely in the frame. I replaced disconnector and sear. And smoothed the contact face on the hammer.

    End result was a gun that recoiled different (recoil spring and main spring replacement) and a smooth trigger that had a pull of 4.5 lbs.

    Customer was very happy with the results.
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    Great service. You can give them what they want or you can give them what they ask for. Did he save any money over what that fancy trigger would have cost?

    no offense and none taken

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    Even with a new trigger, there is a lot of fitting to get it correct.
    Yes, he saved some money for beers by keeping the old trigger.

    And, he is now a repeat customer!