So you want a scope.

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    So you want a scope.

    There more scopes on the market than there ever will be firearms. Scopes come in many different sized powers for just as many different reasons. Scopes are more specific to what you want to do then firearms. You can hunt with a rifle, carbine and some pistols. But, a hunting scope for a eastern deer rifle is different than a scope for a rifle that is going to be hunting prong horns out west.

    We also understand that by going to a store or, or is a little overwhelming. We can't help and guide you to a new scope purchase if we don't have all the information. Just giving us a rifle and caliber doesn't help at all. We get the Hey I got a Howa in 308 whats a good scope. A Good scope for what? Are you going to deer hunt with it, varmint hunt, target shoot, F-Class, what are you going to do with it. A rifle for Deer hunting is going to have different scope needs than a 308 that is going to be shooting on the line at an F-Class match.

    So when you are asking for help in outfitting your new rifle with optics please remember to give us as much information as you can. Some things we need to know.

    1. Price
    2. Use
    3. Rifle
    4. Caliber
    5. Variable or fixed power
    6. Any other requirements you have.

    If you give use these few items we will be able to guide you in the proper direction for optics. We are here to help.
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    Good infor. I hope some will follow it

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    Great post Brett!
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    Very well written,Tango!
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    Scope for .30-30

    Hey CPTTANGO30---
    I read your posting carefully, and I humbly ask a question. Marlin .30-30, California, plan on hunting pigs, possibly deer. I believe I would like a fixed, low power scope, like the Leupold FXII, which comes in either 2.5x or 4x. The gun is said to be good to 150-250 yards, though I may not be (yet) for humane hunting purposes. I don't see myself shooting beyond 150 yards, max. Any opinion between the 2.5X and the 4x? Will the 2.5x still be quick and useful to 150 yards? And does anybody else sell a fixed power in that range? Thanks for any ideas and opinions you have.
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    I read this thread the other day and I have looked at the SWFA site. From what I have looked at, I have a few favorite brands so far: Leupold, Bushnell, Burris, Zeiss, and Nikon. I have a few others but those are out of my price range. :) I will admit that even after browsing the site for the past few days, I am partial to Bushnell, Leupold, and Burris based on brand reputation and Nikon because my brother recommended it (he was a pmi at Parris Island) and he told me that for the money he believes that Nikon can stand next to some of the lower end Leupolds.

    1. < or = $1,000.
    2. hunting and possible light competition shooting
    3. Browning X-Bolt Medallion
    4. 30-06
    5. Definitely variable power
    6. I want a well rounded scope. Although I will be primarily hunting, I want a scope that is versatile enough to give me an opportunity to fair well at a competition. Some kind of BDC would be a huge plus to adjust on the fly.

    Have fun sorting through this information. Thanks for the opportunity to share.
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    What annoys me about places like SWFA, Amazon, and Cheaper than dirt is they seem to ignore rules that some other websites can't get away with. Minimum advertised price (MAP) is set up by some manufacturers and is not supposed to be ignored. These sites seem to get away with it and it makes it hard for the little guy to compete. :mad::mad:
    Some of us are just trying to make an honest buck and sites like this make it even more difficult.
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    Hey Just so happen I'm looking for a scope to start my way into long distance target shooting

    1. Price=200 or less
    2. Use= target out to 300 yards or more
    3. Rifle= rock river M4
    4. Caliber=5.56/223 55 and 62 gr
    5. Variable or fixed power= variable
    6. Any other requirements you have. =picatiny rail mounts

    thanks in advance :D
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    Sure you'll get a lot of comments but $200 scope, M4 (16" barrel) and 300 yards are going to be a tough combination, especially if you are starting out.
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    New Scope

    I just ordered an SA M1A National Match and a Basset low mount.
    The scopes on my bolt actions are Leupold 3x9 and have given me good service for 30+yrs. out to 300 Yds but I would like to push to 600 yds for target and still do some hunting. TN not WY. I have been looking at the Leupold VX-2 Target 6-18 w/fine duplex and custom dial.So:$600.00, target + some hunting, M1A, 7.62x51, and variable. Scope ring height? For fun not competion.
    Thank you. Love this site!

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    How about a scope for a Beretta U22 Neos

    1. price - variable
    2. use - target shooting and friendly competition
    3. gun - Beretta U22 Neos
    4. Variable or fixed - ???
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    A scope on a Neos? Put a red dot on it and have a ball. The kids I have let shoot mine love it.

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    Many thanks, guys! I'm sure I'll like one of those.
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    Hey there, I would appreciate if y'all could recommend a scope and answer some questions I have...I know NOTHING about scopes

    1. Price? Well nothing greater than $1000. But what does $1000 get me that a $200 scope is missing?
    2. Use? Just an all around scope. Range. Run n gun. Hunt. Whatever.
    3. Rifle? AR 15 (spikes lower BCM upper)
    4. Caliber? 5.56 (mostly 55 grain, sometimes 62, rarely 67)
    5.Fixed or variable power? Either. Variable seems ideal though.
    6. Other requirements? My only requirement is that I want it to be EXTREMELY DURABLE/RELIABLE...I want to buy one scope that will last a lifetime, if that's possible?

    Okay, so maybe my answers won't exactly help you recommend a scope for me. So maybe you can answer some questions for me?

    1. I see scopes that seem almost identical, but one is $300 and one is $2000. What about the $2000 scope makes it so much better?
    2. Is there such thing as good 'overall' scope?
    3. What characteristics about a scope would I look for if I were hunting? Or if I were target shooting? Or if I was doing competitions? (Basically my question is, which characteristics about a scope are good for which intended purpose?)

    I want to thank you all in advance for helping because I KNOW this is a very in depth question...
    Maybe y'all could point me towards a sticky or thread or even a website where I could read up on all this stuff...other than just googling for a few weeks.
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    I dunno bout run and gun but would fit all your other criteria.

    2000 scope is probably going to be the little things like crystal clear sight picture at max magnification , superior low light transmission , maybe illuminated reticle , true " drop it on concrete " shockproof , ofcourse the brand name .

    But the scope I posted is good. Leupold is a solid built scope , excellent light transmission , great optics. Every thing you want .

    It's just hard to get a scope you can run and gun with and hunt and have it excel at both . Or maybe I just don't know the scope you're describing.
  17. JTJ

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    What distances will you be shooting at?
    Short to medium 0 to 300 1-4x
    Medium to long 100 to 500 3-9x
    Leupold makes a solid scope in both and makes scopes dedicated to the AR.
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    Mostly 25-300
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    I dont totally understand what all the numbers mean. Tasco 3-9 x 40 Rifle Scope with Rings.

    3-9 is the zoom range.
    40 (mm) is the lens opening?

    Im low budget. What do you get when buying something like this:

    My shooting will never amount to much other than targets and limited to 300 yards or less.

    This is the rifle the scope will be used. It is a .308 Western Field Mauser Action.

    How do the scopes mount on this type of rifle? Not clear on how the scope attaches to the rifle. Does it use the small holes seen in this image?