So where do I start?

Discussion in 'Survival & Sustenance Living Forum' started by GaryGlock, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. GaryGlock

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    I have believed for quite a while now that I would have to start prepping. I also knew that I needed to start years ago an last year was better than this year but, I still waited. So with our impending doom in full swing its time to put the prepping in over drive. I have a nice stockpile of a few guns and ammo, but next to that not too much. So where should I start?
  2. trip286

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    Admin has another forum,

    I would recommend starting there. Our guys here always have a lot of great ideas, but the folks on the other forum eat, breathe, and sleep prepping.

  3. astroman

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    I am in the same boat GaryGlock - I am pretty good shape as far as not living too close to a major city (Nashville is 40miles away). I'm going to start looking for a more remote place to escape to if the need arises. I agree with Webleyfosbery....investing in silver is something I am seriously looking to do. I've got a good chunk of 401k $ that I dont want to flush down the toilet! More guns and ammo is what I need now, before the laws change and the goobermint changes law and tries to take em...
  4. vincent

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    Hit the wholesale clubs, just shopped the other day and came out with what I figure to be roughly 6 months of food for under $200...(if I stretch it)

    Don't buy stuff you don't normally eat...

    Buy stuff with pretty far out expiration dates...canned beans and tuna is good for 3-4 years...

    If you don't have a reliable water supply, get one...

    Find a good water purification system...

    It's an overwhelming process, take baby steps and good luck...
  5. GaryGlock

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    Sounds good, thanks for the links and input guys. I figure we have a year maybe 2 before things start getting real bad. Doin what I can NOW.
  6. undumb

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    Knowledge! US Army survival guide, SAS survival guide, learn as many ways ways as you can to make fire, purify water, tie knots, make shelter, give first aid...
    Learn how to can foods, preserve meats, pickle, dehydrate foods, clean and prepare game, forage...
    You can stock up on all the canned food you can get your hand on but, if you don't know what to do when it runs out... Yer Skrood!
  7. TLuker

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    I'm probably splitting hairs here over wording, but I wouldn't focus on the negative. I know how stupid that sounds for prepping but attitude is important. I think of my prepping as becoming more self sufficient, and there's a lot of good that comes from that. Eliminating debt should be at the top of your list of things to do. That's a positive thing. Hunting and gardening will improve your health, help you save money, and make you much more prepared for whatever. A little wood working does the same.

    Don't think about all of the bad things that could potentially happen. Instead, think about where you want to be in a year from now, and then 5 years from now. Think about where you want to be if things go bad, and where you want to be if they don't. Then think about what you can do to help get you there.:)
  8. GaryGlock

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    This actually sounds like good advice, an I totally get were your comin from on it. Not good to focus on too much negative. Thanks
  9. partdeux

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    Water, water, and more water :)

    Everytime you go to the store, pick up something extra, like a case of water, box of TP, or other stable food item like pasta. Need to buy 5, get 6. In a year or two, you'll have a nice prepped storage. Also think about how you're going to store and how you're going to rotate your stock.