So what does it take to get an FFL?

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  1. ScottA

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    What does it take for the average Joe to get an FFL?
  2. Jpyle

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    Time, patience and dollars. :)

    Here a sample site though I make no recommendation, this is just one that came up on Google. Best first steps would probably be BATF website and your state and local ordinances for FFL holders.

  3. docpadds

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    Ignore the kits, the BATFE website tells you everything you need and where to get it on their side.

    The FFL is the easy part, you have to prove zoning for a business, and prove that you are in it to undertake business and not for personal use. (Sales Tax/Business licenses do this).

    Thats just the requirements, being a business you need to consider insurance, a lawyer on call etc....
  4. c3shooter

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    As the man said- for an 01 DEALERS FFL, you must be able to show you intend to ENGAGE IN THE BUSINESS of buying and selling (or repairing) guns as a business. NOT for "personal" use. Yes, ATF will require that you meet all local laws before issuing- buiness license, zoning, sales tax, etc etc.

    There is also an 03 FFL- a COLLECTOR'S license. Not for being "in the business", but to aid in collecting. Covers guns 50 yrs old or older. $30 for 3 yrs. Found a Mauser or M1 you like? Send dealer payment and a copy of your license, he puts gun in the US mail to you. See for more info on this.