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Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by hunter Joe, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Well today is the last day Darla and I can wabbit hunt. The season ends on Sunday and I have to work at the store the next three days.

    We've been getting out 3 days a week for the last couple of months and today was the first day we actually seen a hopper. I couldn't get a shot off but that little girl chased that bunny through some of the thickest crap we have yet to encounter. She must of run that bunny for nearly a block when I finally called her off and back.

    Darla is turning ten months old next week and is really starting to shine at finding birds and dead things. Today she also flushed two game birds and found six skeletons. I try to make her understand that I prefer my birds with a tad more meat on them, although, I really truly believe she really doesn't care too much about what I want. She is one of those ME ME ME girls.

    Well, next week were going to start hunting over birds we release. Hopefully I'll have cause to clean the Savage Fox more often that I have in the last two months. If I don't kill something pretty soon, Mrs. Hunter is going to start to get suspicious again and start busting my chop about having a girlfriend. She is actually right about the girlfriend, I'm been secretly having an affair with my second love, Mother Nature.
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    You seeing her too!!!!:eek:.. damn you...

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    She really does get around. There is plenty of her to go around guys. We can share her.
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    I hear ya, this week is the last week of small game hunting here too except prairie dogs and coyotes. Its depressing. We went out last weekend for bunnies and squirrels and didnt see one. the funny thing is that we saw 5 bull elk (one a 6X7, about 15 turkeys and about 50 deer. Now if the game would cooperate with the seasons we wold be all set.

    Oh yeah, and I thought I was the only one who got accused of cheating when I dont bring home any game/fish. :rolleyes: