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WOW!!!! What a smooth shooting pistol. I remember my 40 cal Glock and I didnt like it much. Some serious recoil and the feel just wasnt there. Now my 9mm I loved also my 45 cal. But just something about the 40 cal I didnt like.
So when I bought the FNS 40 I was hesitant that is was gonna be much like the Glock. I have to say WOW (again) was I wrong!!!!
It has been well over 10 yrs since I last fired a shot and this pistol was as smooth as butter. Right out of the box, 200 rounds with out a hiccup.
And I am still the same as I was over 10 yrs ago, a little low and left. Im a righty and shoot with my left eye. But 10 yrs ago I didnt need glasses, now I wear bifocals.
I will be spending a lot of time at the range working on my low/left issue. Im planing on getting back into IDPA shoots and joining a out door range here in my area, not crazy about indoor ranges, to many idiots. Anyhow.....
Here are some of my targets for viewing, and if anyone with more experience than I please feel free to offer your input.

Thanks guys and FNH for a great pistol!!!!!

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