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    So I am very nearly back in active duty shape right now and i been out 3 yrs.... so far so good... but I was thinking about something.
    I did some training with some friends nearly 2 years ago.... I considered myself at the time out of shape not having exercised for 3 months but that was by my standards which I suspect are higher than most.

    So we move out on a Patrol all ten of us. Basic Load is
    210 rds of 5.56mm, 3L of Water (amount was personal choice), First aid kit anything extra is optional, no Rucks or assault packs (unless personal choice desired)

    We leave the one location and road march just a little practice going from wedge to file and vice versa..

    All why moving at a normal pace.

    A buddy of mine (70 at the time) was playing our OPFOR and trying to observe us from the target location..
    This exercise was for us practicing a Reconnaissance in Force.

    So we go around a small woods on this (large) property and up a steep hill thats only maybe 30 yards tall.
    Then we switch to bounding overwatch.
    We did not conduct bounding over watch at full speed... maybe at 50-60% speed.

    As we sneak around the corner of the woods we highcrawl to a point for about 50 yards were we can observe the house my buddy is manning w/o being seen and staying low and in concealment.

    The scary thing was that at this point I was totally gassed!
    We had only walked about 2 miles thru easy terrain and high crawled maybe 50 yards.
    And i was TOTALLY gassed.. If we had suddenly found ourselves in a fight for our life I would have been mostly ineffective and let my friends and family down!

    Yes, I was out of shape at the time and I knew it.. but I was out of shape by my standards..
    I was probably still stronger than most and could do a little slow jog on a rog in running gear probably with a more ease than most guys at my civilian work who just as me were approaching middle age and being desk workers..

    Now we are getting to why I am making this post.
    I bet many guys on this board (whom I respect!!!) would have been even way more gassed than I was.. but since they dont train this they will never realize it until they have to do something even this basic and then operate a firearm competently..

    We all practice with our fire arms.
    Some do it mostly for hunting.. some do it fun... but I think most of us ultimately do it with defense in mind.

    Self defense situations cannot be predicted... you may have to go after a guy thru the woods who just kidnapped your granddaughter! or wife!

    Some degree Physical fitness is part of self defense!
    If you dont have any you are not serious about self defense.

    Give me a guy who is a monster shot but totally out of shape and I show you a guy who will lose a self defense situation that devolves into an actual firefight.

    Now (and I am dating myself here) we dont all need to look like Rocky or Jean Claude VanDamme.

    Thats not realistic... we have lives ...its not even needed.....BUT if you are not doing some reasonable effort to be in reasonable shape for your age and occupation you are setting yourself up to fail your friends and family when they need you most.

    Everything else is easier when you have some kind of shape too!.. Getting our of bed quickly in middle of nite.. getting up or down the stairs to confront a home invader..
    If getting up or down the stairs gets you shuffing and puffing.. you may have lost the ability to properly control your firearm and operate it in a competent manner!

    Based on my experience being a former Company commander for a reserve Army unit here is a nice easy method that WILL work. Because sometimes we would get very oput of shapoe overweight guys that could do the job.. and being reservists they had not properly taken care of themsleves.

    This is an easy program how you recover from that even if you are in very poor shape:

    Week 1: Walk 3 miles 3 times
    Week 2: Walk 4 miles 3 times or 3 miles 4 times
    Week 3: Ditto
    Week 4: Walk 4 miles 3 times while wearing a Rucksack with 20 lbs in it
    Week 5: Walk 4 miles 3 times or 3 miles 4 times with a rucksack w/ 30 lbs in it.
    Week 6: Ditto
    Week 7: By now you have strengthened your joints and tendons enough you can run with minimal risk of injury. Run 3 times a week for 30 minutes or 3 miles ( whichever comes first)
    Week 8: Ditto
    Week 9 Run 3 times a week for 40 minutes or 4 miles whichever comes first ( which for most will still be the time)
    Week 10: Ditto
    Week 11: Run twice aweek for 40 minutes or 4 miles ( whichever comes first) and find a Gym and do 2 top to bottom iron pumps with light weights. Include as a minimum Squats, situps, back extensions (if the gym has a Roman chair), bent over rows, Dumbbell angled bench press (works both shoulders and pecs). Bonus: Maybe throw in 2 sets each of lateral raises and 2 sets of frontal raises for weapons handling....This is doable no matter what your age!!!!
    Week 12 Ditto.

    I suspect some of you are in poor shape right now.... Age.. Joint pain... or just being overweight from sedentary lifestyle.

    But this program up there ANYONE can do who isnt outright disabled.
    Those of you in poor shape right now will feel like new men..!
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    I'm one of those who are not in good shape. about 5 lb over my target weight, but more like 15 lb over where I belong. Started using Fitbit and MyFitnessPal and I've lost 25 lb to get to this point. I am able to meet or exceed the first few weeks of walking while I'm at work! Every hour I take a brisk stroll around the floor of the office building. Lunch includes several laps around various floors. By the end of the day I've gone about 4 miles, 5 days a week.

    It's a start. Not sure I'll be marching with 40 lb any time soon. But just this is enough to make me feel better than I have in decades.
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    I’m not as good as I once was but I’m as good once as I ever was.
    I won’t be chased into a fight or from one. ;)
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    Not if you CAN'T breath !...................
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    Good to be concerned about one's physical condition. If there is any "saving grace," know that in a fight for your life situation, with the condition of most Americans, the guy on the other side is also going to be "totally gassed" as well. We usually are quick to think about our own weaknesses and forget about capitalizing on the weaknesses of the other side.

    Always good to be at our best, though.


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    I'm still limited in what my doctors will let me do, so yes, to me I am way out if shape. the goal is 50 pounds lighter, but I have to watch what I do, as my recent amputation has limited me back to where I was in 2007, while recovering from a transmetatarsal, followed by a skin graft on the left foot.

    Until December of 2016, I was actually getting down to the 220 mark, when I had to have the big toe on the right foot removed. this has my doctors finally giving me the all clear on low impact exercise, but long walks, jogs, and runs are currently off the table for me.

    And it is driving me f***ing bananas.

    Ad in the eye issues, and weight training is out.

    So for now, it's pretty much yoga, isometrics, and limited walking, until the doctors say otherwise. And for now, all i can do is the litle I am doing, and praying that nothing happens before I am back to mu old self, and what I could do then.

    i can do a lap or two around the local Walmarts, which I couldn't do this time last year, without a rest or one of those powered carts or wheel chairs. The local mall, with a break or two, I can mange.

    it just drives me completely bat s*** crazy to not do what I used to do, without a second thought. but, as they say, a journey of a thousand miles starts with but a single step, and I am seeing slow progress, so for now, i'll take it.
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    Bounding overwatch is physically demanding. Even at 1/2 speed.
    Also, unless you and your friends perform this activity regularly, there was some machismo making the team run faster, cant look bad in front of the boys

    I like to remember John Wayne....
    When told be a young man that Bat Masterson said a gunman should have,...determination and a proficiency with firearms.
    " Did he say anything about that third eye in the back of your head...for that dumb *** amatuer. Its usually that ham fisted bastard that couldn't hit a cow in the tit with a tin cup that does you in, but then Bat Masterson always was full of sheep dip."

    Good stuff
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