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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by aslowdodge, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. aslowdodge

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    I just finished building my first ar which was a dedcated .22 and am planning on my 2nd with the usual 223 5.56 set up. I am looking for home defense, perimeter defense. If shtf maybe hunting, or should I not compromise this gun.

    I am looking at
    BCM Standard 16" Mid Length Upper Receiver Group w/ YHM 12" Handguard. Any upgrade suggestions at this point? Lighter barrel, shorter barrel? Twist rate 1:7 is what this is but is 1;8 a better choice?
    Also I heard that the setup should be chambered for 5.56 as you can shoot 223 if you want with a bit less accuracy but if its the other way around it isn't good. I assume the BCM is chambered for 5.56?
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    I would think the twist will be 1-9 or 1-8 on that setup. A 1-7 twist is a fast twist for heavy bullets.
    I prefer a 1-8 twist,the smallest bullet I shoot is a 55gr and the largest is a 80gr HPBT Match that has to be shot as a single shot because of the cartridge overall length won't allow it to fit in the magazine.