Sniper shows how it's done

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by zhuk, Feb 18, 2010.

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    That gets better every time I see it.

    Wha>>huh?????? BOOM!!! :D

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    I remember that incident and the interview with the sniper that made the shot. He used a frangible bullet so there wouldn't be metal shrapnel flying around. The officers that swarmed the gunman did so in the name of safety because they didn't know whether the guy had another gun or not. And the guy's comment to the sniper as he's led away is priceless:

    "Are you the one that made that shot? Good one."
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    That was inthe late 80's early 90's. I don't think they had "frangible" ammo as we know it today. Technically a Sierra 168 gr BTHP IS frangible, just not like the compressed powdered copper bullets of today.

    I HATE that video, Because of that video, every douche bag asks after an officer involved shooting "why did'nt they just shoot the gun out of his hand?". Because that was a once in a lifetime opportunity shot, now shut the eff up.
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    I'm with Robo on this one.

    I remember seeing a detailed story about this one and the guy who took the shot was a former military sniper.

    He was talking in the story that his previous training had taught him to recognize patterns of movement that most people don't immediately pick up on. After watching the guy for about 20 or so minutes, he picked up on the way the guy gestured with, then returned, the pistol to the same spot each time, probably out of comfort or habit.

    He made the suggestion to shoot the gun twice, and the first time it was flat turned down because it was considered too risky. Again he made the request and explained what he was seeing, confirmed by another shooter who was beside him at the time, and the background behind the guy was clear.

    He was given the green light by a guy that wasn't even on the scene yet, according to the story, but the commanding officer was the guy who had got the shooter on the SWAT team and knew he had the skill to pull it off.

    Definitely a once in a blue moon type of shot. Close range chip shot for a .308, with a cold bore, on a small, non flat surface target that could move at any moment if the guy suddnely sneezed or got aggitated.

    Definitely one hell of a shooter. *respect*

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    +1 that video screwed up everyones perception about shootings with LE. I love the "Why didn't you shoot him in the leg?"