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  1. 1911beast

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    does any one know of a good cheap bolt action rifle that is less powerful then a 30/6
  2. Lindenwood

    Lindenwood New Member

    The Stevens 200 and Savage Edge will probably be your best bets for a solid rifle with the best out-of-the-box accuracy on a budget.

    Though, please understand that these are not at all "sniper" rifles. "Sniper Rifle" and "cheap" don't belong in the same sentence ;) . What we're talking about are maybe "hunting" or simply "bolt-action" rifles.

  3. wmille01

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    probably not what your looking for but mosin nagant 91/30 mild recoil, ammo is cheap, bolt action and you can throw a scope on for a reasonable price. Also was the sniper rifle for the Russian army during the second world war.
  4. Sniper03

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    There are a few good rifles out there referring to your Thread Heading. But for the money in the Tactical Sniper Rifle category and reference to cost, dependability and accuracy, the Savage Tactical Rifle models like the Tactical 110 Series for one stand at the top. 308 Cal.
    We have had several of them in our schools in the past 15+ years and they perform with the best of them. And much less money than the Remington 700 PSS Systems. And are impressively accurate. With a good quality scope, one is hard to beat. As I can recall we have only repaired two of them out of the hundreds of them that have been at the sniper school. Both were simply a wire that had been out of place in the fire control (Trigger) area. Quickly repaired, re-zeroed and back in service. Great rifles!
    Good luck on your choice!

  5. Fisherking

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    +1 on what sniper 03 said . the best bang for the buck is the savage. I have one in .223 bvss and the acuracy is amazing. the bvss is a savage 12 with a heavey fluted ss barrel.
    now if you want to get even tighter groups roll your own amo.

    ANAKINANAYA New Member

    Wal-mart sells the the savage edge for about 260 for a 308 bolt action box feed
  7. Shihan

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    Cricket .22:D Meets all your criteria set forth.:cool:
  8. Txhillbilly

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    I can't say that I've ever seen anyone shoot snipe with a rifle,but maybe I'm wrong.
    We like to use the term "Tactical Rifle" around here.

    The problem your going to find is there is no such thing as a "Good-Cheap" tactical rifle.
    You can buy a cheap rifle,or save your pennies up and buy a lower tier tactical rifle for under $800 without quality optics.
    A Savage model 10 or 12,or a Remington 700 SPS would be a base model for what your looking for.Both brands are great shooters.

    I personally like the Savage,and have 5 of their heavy barreled Tactical and Target rifles in 223,25/06,308,and 300WM.
    The cheapest $ amount in any of my setups is my model 12 223.I bought the rifle used,and still have about $1k in it after changing the stock,installing quality bases and rings,scope,ND-3 laser,and a Rifle Basix trigger.

    You can find a good used rifle like the Savage 10/12 or Remington SPS for $350-500 if you look hard enough.That would be a good start.
  9. mitymouse1968

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    I have the gap crusader but it is going to cost you around 3850 plus optics. So it really depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend. Just remember. A good rifle is only as good as the optics you put on it. If you look around you can find a real good mil-spec for around 1300 to 1500 but if you throw a 500 dollar scope on it then you wasting your time
  10. XR750

    XR750 New Member

    I'm pretty jazzed with my Savage 110FP 7.62X51MM.
  11. opaww

    opaww New Member

    I would like to point out that members of this board do not own sniper rifles. What we own is precision long range target and hunting rifles, for our enjoyment of the shooting sport.

    Unless you are active military or active National Guard and have attended sniper school, graduated, then you are not a sniper, no matter what rifle you own.

    The LEA's do not have snipers they have marksman/sharpshooters.

    Civilians are sportsman and target shooters.
  12. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    I do own an actual russian sniper rifle from ww2 but im not a sniper. The last person my sniper rifle might have been used on was a nazi sometime between 1944 andd 1945.

    I agree with opaw less you got a real milsurp what your buying over the counter are just target rifles that have never been in the hands of a real sniper.

    Just cuz one has the gear doesnt make one a sniper. The rifle doesnt define the role.

    If you join the military go through sniper school graduate then from that point on any rifle you buy will be a sniper rifle
  13. dks7895

    dks7895 New Member

    I personally own and recommend a Stevens 200 in .223 Remington. It meets all your criteria. I topped mine with a 4-16x40AO mil-dot scope and am very happy. It is deadly accurate. I have "sniped" bobcat, coyote and opossum with one shot kills. Ammo is cheap and the felt recoil from the .223 is almost nothing.
  14. mitymouse1968

    mitymouse1968 New Member

    I wasn't referring to my gap as a sniper rifle if yall were referring to me. I was just saying that GA PRECISION makes probably the best rifles out there short of spending the money to have a custom built. They gauntee 3/8" MOA out of the box
  15. dks7895

    dks7895 New Member

    I think mitymouse completely misunderstood the OP. How does a $3850 gap crusader answer the OPs question? Don't forget the $1500 optics. :D

    My Stevens 200 .223 with less than $100 optics can shoot sub-MOA pretty easily. Not 3/8".... but under an inch for sure. All for about $400. :cool:
  16. mitymouse1968

    mitymouse1968 New Member

    Yea I did sorry about that.I was reading another post and relied on this one. Ruger makes an great rifle also in the 204 caliber and the accu trigger is hard to beat from the factory
  17. therewolf

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    Yeah, what's with all the "sniper rifle" this, and "sniper rifle" that.

    I dread offering advice to some individual on the internet who

    goes out and follows it to no good end...

    The training for a sniper is rigorous. It's a hard life. Lots of running,

    climbing, hiding, laying still for hours in cramped positions, many

    times while bugs are eating you alive.

    Military snipers use what they can get from an armory, many times.

    SWAT snipers have pricey guns which are good for little else.

    To ensure accuracy, many times these rifles are

    uncomfortably heavy, bulky, and long.

    What, exactly, is the intended purpose of this "sniper rifle", now

    that big brother and his spider are watching?