Sniper Rifles

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  1. kylie

    kylie Guest

    Let's start a sniper rifle discussion.

    Lots of topics to cover;

    - What Caliber
    - What Gun
    - What Stock
    - What Scope

    What is your preference for the above? Feel free to add other items to list as well.
  2. Splatter

    Splatter New Member

    Depends completely on application. Do you need extreme reach? Because a .50 at close range will draw fire like fresh turds draw flies. But asking your 5.56 to connect at 1500m is like wishing for your enemy to be struck by lightning.

    Is it a TEOTWAWKI situation and it'll be defensive sniping?
    A municipal police situation where the likelyhood of a shot over 100m aproaches zero?


    GUNGIRL Guest

    right now..if I had to depend on anything it would be my 7.62X51 M14A(diff from a M1A) and the also my 76254 Romak with russian PSOP scope.
  4. EagleSix

    EagleSix New Member


    As Splatter pointed out, your scope for this discussion is a bit broad. You may want to consider focusing a narrow beam by selected a topic and mission/application.

    For example accuracy is usually a heated topic, although there is another thread started by survivalnut on that subject already. Perhaps application would be a good focus to start with. I doubt there are too many former or current military or police snipers here, so maybe civilian snipers?

    I’m not sure why civilians would want to have sniper guns or want to be sniper trained, but I like to hear from those that do.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not against any lawful American owning a rifle suitable for sniping (many already do) and I’m not against lawful Americans being sniper trained (many of them already are from their military or law enforcement careers). In fact in the past seven years I have trained many civilians as well as some military and police officers in the craft of sniping.

    But you know I never asked a civilian student why. If they had the proper credentials and passed the background check I enrolled them in class. Now, even though I have a pretty good idea why, I’d like to hear from civilians why they like to have a rifle for sniping, and/or why they are/or would like to be sniper trained.

  5. Brent L

    Brent L New Member

    Spot on Eagle Six! If we could just get these "test posters" to narrow the questions.

    Pardon my partial rant. I'm moving my comments to the " Range ".
  6. BrassMonkey

    BrassMonkey Member Supporter

    While my intentions for owning it are not to be used for sniping my Remington 700 in .308 would be more than up to the task out to 500 yards and beyond.
  7. BLS33

    BLS33 New Member Supporter

    Well I consider sniping shooting long distances from a concealed position,I don't really do any shooting from a concealed position. (whats the point) If I had to choose one of my guns and make it a "sniper" rifle it would be my German K98.
  8. Recon 173

    Recon 173 New Member

    When most civilians talk about sniping they are really trying to say very accurate shooting techniques. Most people study sniping to try to get to be good shots. They are not interested in assassination shooting or cold blooded murder. They want to be able to hit a target way out there "just in case." America has always been the home of the best riflemen in the world and many still want to learn the craft for the fun of it. Oh... And 7.62 NATO rifles with scopes are my personal favorites. That National Match ammo is just so good for dropping bad guys or wild pigs...
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  9. kirby62

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    Right on Recon! I enjoy shooting at long distances because it's a challenge.
    I think it's fair to say if your not hunting, you want to shoot longer the better

    I like my AR-10 .308 w/ Leopuld LR 3x25 for "sniping". It has a CAA tactial stock with an adjustable cheek piece.
  10. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    A sniper rifle is basicly a heavy barreld more accurate rifle. HUH Look at that the VARMINT rifles from the factory are just that. Granted a REAL military sniper rifle has to go threw serious crap in its life.

    Me. If i were going to build one.

    Rem 700 Action blueprinted sleved with a Krieger barrel in 308 win all sitting in a McMillian A-5 stock topped with a Lupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50mm ER/T M1 Front Focal Riflescope and a Jewell trigger. Then I would have the whole thing painted OD GREEN with a few black and brown spots. No I do not want any of that digital camo it sucks and looks like CRAP. I would also add a quality leather sling and Buttler Creek scope caps and a Harris S series bi-pod. I would also have the barrel threaded for a suppressor. I know it will not take away all the sound but it sure will make it harder for the Commie troops to find me after I take out Da Furrer Hilliary Clinton.

    For over 1500m I would use the same set up just in a 338EDGE. (300 RUM necked up to 338).
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  11. h&k bigdaddydieseldan

    h&k bigdaddydieseldan New Member

    .338 lapua reach out and touch someone from a very long distance and of course .50 cal barrett model 82a1 two really bad a** rounds do one hell of a lot of damage one shot one kill :D :D :D :D
  12. RePete

    RePete New Member

    The first confirmed sniper kill with the .338LM PGWDTI Timberwolf was made Feb '07 by a member of the PPCLI sniper team in Afghanistan.

    Here is a picture of mine, as issued to the Canadian snipers, missing is the can.



  13. Gallo Pazzesco

    Gallo Pazzesco New Member

    My preference would be something in the $6,000.00 range. What I actually shoot is a little different.

    A Rem 700 PSS 5R in 308 with a Leupold Mk III on top ... and a Savage 10FP LE in 308 with a custom Stockaid stock and a Sunclear Tactical piece of glass mounted on a set of Weaver mounts and rings.

    Both are sub moa and will do all I ever need a tactical "sniper" type stick to do at my age.