Sniper rifle software launched for iPod touch

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    See the photo at the link

    Sniper rifle software launched for iPod touch - Telegraph

    New BulletFlight program could be a 'killer' app for Apple
    A new application has been launched for the iPod touch to help gun users line up a clean shot at their target.

    The BulletFlight app, which costs £6.99 to download from the iTunes store, has been developed by Runaway App to turn the iPod touch into a ballistics computer which the company says can provide “quick solutions in the field”.

    Users can mount their iPod touch to their rifle, and then use the iPod’s touch-screen to tap in details about the wind conditions, ammunition type, distance to the intended target and even the wind speed.

    “Unlike other apps, BulletFlight does not output information in table format,” says the application’s iTunes page. “What it does do is dynamically give you the solution you need now to take that shot.”

    The application features built-in profiles for three weapons – the M110 semi-automatic precision rifle, the KAC PDW, and the 14.5in SR16 rifle – although users can add more weapons into the app.

    “Environmental calculations are based on the Sierra Bullet model,” says the BulletFlight iTunes entry. “Up to five ballistic co-efficients with corresponding velocity thresholds may be used for each profile.”

    BulletFlight is not the first shooting application for the iPhone and iPod touch – that honour goes to iSnipe – but it’s the latest in a long line of unusal apps for the devices, which have included simulated beer-pouring, a fart machine, and even “breathalysers”.
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    LOL - That is going to ruffle some feathers I am sure.

    Although it doesn't appear to be much good by itself - you don't need external ballistics for the PDW ( obviously a game programmer ) and the 14.5 offering is something that anyone with any skill behind a trigger should be able to do on their own.

    The M110 is the only "longer" range application and even that one is weak.

    If they had anyone on the creation team with ANY firearms knowledge they would tailored the program for bolt guns specifically and included variables for barrel length, round speed and bullet weight.

    But, what do you want for $10?