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    this is most likely a really stupid question, but ive gotta ask. i was poking around the midwayusa site, and stumbled across snap cap ammo that is advertised as being good for dryfiring, and basically sounds like something i could load in my gun, and use to practice drawing and firing, without firing a round. my question is A. can i fire my gun with them loaded in a house without causing damage to anything, and B. are the loads reusable, because 15 bucks for 5 shots, why not just buy a box of 50 rd. and get the real deal? i know this is a newb question, but i honestly know nothing about "snap cap" ammo.
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    Snap Caps Are Not Ammunition. They Simulate Ammunition In That They Will Feed, Chamber, Extract Like The Real Thing And Allow You To Dry Fire Without Damaging The Firing Pin. Snap Caps Do This By Use Of An Internal Spring Which Is Attached To What Looks Like The Primer At The Base Of The Case. This Spring Acts As A Shock Absorber For Your Firing Pin Preventing It From Cracking Or Snapping In Two. I Have Some In 9mm And They Are A Great And Safe Training Tool. As To Not Cause Confusion With The Real Stuff Mine Are A Transparent Red Plastic.

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    I would definitely use them. I used them to practice operating my '03 Springfield and my Savage until I was sure I knew how to use them (the rifles) safely.