Snagged a Browning A500R semi 12ga

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    Some people don't care for them because they are not an A5 but I found a nice example at the local gunshop the other day. About 90%. One scratch on the right side. Furniture is still glossy and all internals look like new. Has very little slide scratches. Maybe had a couple boxes of shells through it. Looks like I found another gun cabinet trophy! Serial # dates it as a 1990. Came with the 4 Invector chokes. paid $478 out the door with a cheap soft Bulldog case to get her home without scratches. It's almost too nice to use as a wing gun! Only down side is that it has a looong barrel. I need to do some fitting to get it swinging comfy and that's about it. Anyone own or previously own one of these?
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