Smoothbore Slug Accuracy

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    Howdy. This being my first thread I’ll try to make it concise and to the point to hopefully avoid the "aww effin noob" comments... :D

    I've been a long time shotgun shooter but never really got into shooting slugs. I have fired a few dozen of them but usually only with the hopes of hitting a target 25 yards away that’s the size of a watermelon. In my interwebz searching I’ve seen people claim they can hit accurately a pie plate size target up to 200 yards with a low power scope or rifle sights.

    Now I never thought of a rifled slug to be that accurate but my question is this; would it be realistic to think I could make a decent group of holes in a target at 100-150 yards with a smoothbore shotgun firing rifled slugs? I understand that the load and gun itself make a difference but let's just assume I’m using a standard generic setup 870 26" bead 2 3/4 slugger. If it is possible to be accurate out to that distance what kind of sights would you recommend? I'm not a big fan of relying on glass so I would prefer to stay away from scopes.

    Thanks for your time/input.
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    I have not fired slugs in my shotguns for quite some time. I do remember though getting pie plate accuracy out to 75 yards or so with rifled slugs and smooth bore. This was with my 870s and the mossys. To get good groups with slugs, you need a rifled barrel and sabot slugs. I like ghost ring sights on a slug gun for hunting...


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    Until you shoot the exact slug, sights, gun combo, you never know. I had a friend with an 870 Wingmaster with a 28" modified choke barrel. With just the bead he could riddle a pie plate all day long at 150 yards - talking 6" groups. I had a 26" 1100 skeet barrel that I could do it out to 100 yards. If you have a ribbed barrel, I think the clamp on rifle sights seem to work as well as any. I have never seen a smoothbore I would trust out past 150 yards, as a 6" group is my maximum at the intended range.
    Sabots seem okay to 200, but that's from third hand watching.
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    The thing about 12 ga slugs is the weight. To hit a target out to even 100 yards with a rifled slug, your hold over may be as much as 7-8". That makes 200 yards even harder because of the hold over, and you most likely would not be able to see the target. Does that mean that it can't be done? No. It would require lots of practice to do so regularly. Saboted slugs with a rifled barrel makes longer shots easier, but no less tasking in learning to make a 200 yard shot consistently.

    A while back, Field and Stream had an article about 200 yard slugs. Turns out those slugs are all 20 ga slugs.

    Does that help?
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    I don't really think this requires a new thread so i'll just add it here...

    What sights (no scopes) do you gents use on your slug guns, that is, if it only came with a bead from the factory. I would prefer something that goes on the rib, is made of metal, and is elevation adjustable. Any recommendations?
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    I use a plain old Win model 12 with a single bead.