smoothbore front stuffer for shtf. laughable

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    8 lbs (at best) for the gun, accessories and a dozen shots. :) for 8 lbs, you can have a silenced Marlin Papoose, scope, and 400 rds of 22lr. :) now, just WHY are you forced to hunt (and why would there be any game left) and NOT lots of other people, hmm? if there's lots of other people, ANY noisy gun, or single shot or shotgun is a disastrous handicap for a survivor,

    Even if you use 20 ga type loads, you only get 15 shots to the lb, 12 ga full loads are 10 to the lb.. you really want to take 15 seconds to reload, when people are shooting at you? want the misfiring risks, fouling, and smoke marking your position (and blocking your view)? :) Why scare off other game with blasts, when a good suppressor will leave them standing there (after you miss or kill cleanly, right beside them)?

    Plenty of people will shoot you on sight if shtf, better count on that No, you are not going to mine lead and sulphur and make your own black powder, either. Both Dupont and Pyrodex have blown up black powder plants, killing people. "Corning' the powder, to make it burn properly in guns, is no joke of a process.

    You can easily store enough .22's to do you for 20 years+. So the muzzleloader thing is just manipulation of the ignorant. It's done to sell stuff to fools, so the seller can make a lot of money. I mean, what is "period gear/clothing" for a .22 or 223? :) can't make money at that. But you can make hundreds of $ (off of each sucker) if they "think" that the 1700's gear/clothing was just great. :)

    muzzleloader, with proper shot pellets, works on small game at best to 30 yds. That's a snapshot with a .22 rifle. With pebbles, broken glass, and the like, figure on 10 yds, max. :) I'd rather have a slingbow and field made arrow than a front stuffer using such "ammo".. For a fact.
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    My .50 cal Muzzle loader is capable of 3" groups standing at 100 yards and will easily kill an Elk with a single shot at 150 yards a man at 200 yards.

    And that's with a patched round ball .490"D and 70grs of 3f so I get 100rds from a pound of powder.

    The rifling in my Green Mountain barrel is .010" deep

    I've shot this rifle 1000's of times in competition from trail walks to bench rest. And have no doubt that if it was what I had to rely on it would keep me fed.

    As to using it against a human target well that really isn't part of my worries.

    As to the making money off muzzleloader shooters its a FRECKIN HOBBY dude. Just like Civil War reenactments or Cowboy shooting.

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    muzzleloaders happen to be quite popular in states that restrict hunting game with a centerfire rifle or a rifle that uses rifle cartridges.

    is a muzzleloader slower to reload that other types of firearms? yes, they are. but there are still people who enjoy hunting with them and who enjoy shooting them as a hobby.

    as to your comment about some making money off this, well, hey make money off of it because people like to buy them and shoot them and there is a market for selling them.

    as usual, this post along most others you have made, shows your ignorance of the subject you speak of, not actually informative.
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    I'm tripping out bro

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    I believe the original post is in reference to using a muzzle loader for SHTF scenarios. I agree with him that a couple hundred rounds of .22lr is much more practical than a muzzle loader in the situations he described.
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    That's a 50 cal muzzle loader lying across that deer, and lot of other deer have met their maker because of that muzzle loader. It's only got one shot but that one shot is no joke! A .22lr could conceivably do that with absolute perfect shot placement but I wouldn't want to try it.

    Now I will agree that if SHTF silence would be preferred. Personally I would take a bow over a .22 for large game, and I've taken deer with bow and arrows as well. I wouldn't try a hog with either a bow or .22 unless you would be willing to track it for me :D, but I wouldn't think twice about that muzzle loader on a hog.

    A silenced .22 would be really nice if SHTF and that's in part why I picked up a Rugger 22/45 already threaded for one, but a .22 has limits. It is a great small game caliber but that's about it. :)

    And you forget one very important aspect about the muzzle loader. No one would able to find me after I fired until all the smoke cleared! :D
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    one big advantage with a muzzle loader is making your own powder is relatively simple. With a flintlock you can make all you need to shoot it. try that with any breech loader. without ammo all rifles and pistols are worthless.
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    I have a .50 Hawken. I would not plan on taking it as a survival gun. However, if I were hunting with it and got lost, I could use it. Sadly I would not be carrying a pound of powder with me. I would probably have a small flask, a few rounds balls, patches and caps with me. I normally carry about 10 rounds with me when I hunt no matter what I am using.