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    I bought my .380 Bodyguard about 6 years ago right after I got my CCW in Missouri. I wanted a pocket gun and it fit the bill. I was never happy with the laser sight it came with...Insight I believe was the MFG. Hard to turn on and off and never seemed bright enough. Well finally it quit working. I assumed it was the batteries so I opened up the sight and it fell apart in my hands.
    I then wrote a letter to S&W (snail mail) and told them what happened and my disappointment that this laser was used in an otherwise fine gun. I do like the Bodyguard. To my surprise, within a week a got a call from S&W. They wanted me to send back my laser for a replacement. A week later I got a Crimson Trace replacement sent to me N/C.
    To me, that is excellent customer service. The righted the wrong they made when they put that piece of crap in one of their products.
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    no company is immune from making mistakes. it's how they handle those mistakes in regards to their customers as to how good or great company is.

    looks like S&W stepped up and did the right thing. six years later, they could have just blown you off, but nope, they didn't. well done for S&W!

    good products are important, but a warranty and great customer service are just as important, if not more important.