Smith&Wesson M&P Sport AR-15

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    Hello, I wanted to add a new rail system to my AR. Can a free float rail be added to this weapon or only a drop in type (non free float). I'm new to this, so I don't know if I can add a free float rail system to the sport.I was thinking of adding the Troy BattleRail MRF-C 7"..would that work?

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    Sure, It still just a m-4 type firearm. I picked up a used by nice clean RRA free float tube in a mid length and change the gas block to there small block on my m&p sport. Fold down front sight mounted on the tube. You need a barrel wrench and a vise block or well fit wood block and maybe buddy to hold the rifle down if no vise as handy!!

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    Adding a Free Float Rail to your rifle requires some amount of work. Troy Industries makes a free float quad rail that all you have to do is remove your front sight assembly and end cap since it fits onto your standard Barrel Nut which your rifle has. And reinstall your front sight assembly and Gas Tube. But if you were to go with a YHM Quad for example it would require the removal of your front sight and gas tune, end cap and Barrel Nut. The New Barrel Nut that comes with the YHM Quad Rail for example which would replace the standard barrel nut, would have to be aligned for the gas tube and torqued to a minimum of 35 ft. lbs. You would have to have a Barrel Nut Wrench. So my suggestion is to get a two piece quad rail like a Surefire M-73 for CAR Rifles or M-85 for Mid Length Rifles or another brand. The Troy Free Float would not be that difficult to put on since it would not require the removal of your existing Barrel Nut on your rifle.