Smith & Wesson M&P 15 5.56 mm

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    Greetings and salutations,
    I love this rifle. I can put rounds down range at 100 yds with the stock iron sights, in a 5 inch circle. Not too shabby for these old eyes. Firing down range at 200 yds. I can barely see the target , much less the bulls eye.I have been looking into putting a scope on it, but with the A2 front post I would have to mount it very high to clear them. This would probably mean I would have to mount it so that it was angled down to get a good sighting at 200 yds. Any suggestions as to which scope to try and or mounts? Or, should I just mount it on a 45 degree mount ? Any suggestions or comments greatly appreciated.
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    Hey Bud, I know how you feel. These old eyes don't see to well at 200 yards either. I have a 1-4X and a 2-7X scope on 2 AR's. At 2X, you only see a shadow and above that, you won't see the front post so don't worry about it. Get the scope that you want. For the scope mount I use the Burris PEPR and have had no issues.

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    I a RRA scope mount on my sport and yes they are high but you can deal with it that way. i also have a 2-7 power scope on it.
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