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  1. gt5-33

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    Can someone offer the good and bad points for the model 645. Thanks Tom
  2. Mark F

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    Sorry, I can't...

    It's a good looking gun though!

  3. genie

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    Good & Bad, IMO

    slender frame, feels like a 1911 in the hand.
    double/single action with hammer-drop de-cock
    stainless steel, even including springs, but hammer is carbon steel, more durable
    heavy-weight, low recoil
    S&W's first semi-auto .45ACP
    single-stack mag, not hi-capacity
    magazine disconnector (if you do not care for)
    lacked improved wrap-around grips (came with next gen.)
    poor chambered-round indication
    big gun, heavy for concealed
    said to be about as accurate, untuned, as 1911

    It might be added that a single-action-only model was short production run, a very nice alternative, designated "745".

    If I think of anything else, I'll add later. If you are thinking of buying one, you will not be disappointed, unless you are a crank, and then nothing would please anyway!;)
  4. BigO01

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    Handled one once nice gun but she was a brute rather heavy compared to my Colt Combat Commander .

    I would be wary of the first Gen Smith autos as if I remember correctly some were recalled due to a dangerous defect .

    They had improperly machined some parts in the decock feature and when you dropped the hammer and it hit the block of steel that stopped it the gun would fire . Either the block was too thick or the firing pins too long or both I can't remember .

    Either way I would call Smith about it before buying one used and ask .
  5. Zappa

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    I had one that I bought from a friend back in the mid 90's. I really wasn't interested in it, but he needed the money and I was nice enough to take it off his hands. It mostly lingered in the safe but I did take it out a few times for some "excercise". It always felt awkward in my hands, and that DA trigger was terrible. The SA trigger was better, but way too much takeup before hammerfall. The accuracy was OK, but it was no target gun. However, reliability was outstanding. It would cycle anything I put in it, even some of my mutated reloads that would choke a horse (aka my Colt). So it basically became the "garbage disposal" of my collection. The most impressive thing about it was it's ability to cycle EMPTY CASES. That's right, load up a mag with empties and rack the slide back and forth as fast as you can, it'll chamber and eject every one. Try that with a 1911 !. Anyway, a few months ago I had a strong desire to get a myself Tommygun and I traded the 645 away towards one. The dealer gave me $300 for it and then I later saw it in his display case marked at $449. It lingered there for a for a few months before it found itself a new home. It seems that there isn't a lot of collector interest in these and they don't usually sell for big money.
  6. KevMorris

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    I've owned the Model 645 since it first came out.

    It's reliable. It feeds pretty much everything I've given it without problem.
    It's rugged.

    The DA trigger is pretty bad. Not smooth. A very long pull.
    Not as comfortable in the hand (my hand at least) as a Colt.
    Accuracy is just so-so.

    Would I pick this as a target shooting gun? No way. But I'd pick it as a self-defense or combat gun.
  7. Bighead

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    Don Johnson's character Sonny Crockett on Miami Vice carried a Smith 645 starting in season 3.

    Pro or Con?...that is up to you:D

    If you like this gun, but aren't sure about it as your purchase you might also look at the Smith 4506, a latter version.
  8. doofous

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    645 is reliable, accurate...but don't look for accessories

    I've had a 645 for years. It shoots anything well, with nary a jam. Sights are good, and the grip is very 1911-ish. DA trigger is on a par with most DAs - awful. But SA is smooth and gradual. Big problem...finding decent grips (Hogue and Pachmayr don't make them, for example) and most 1911 leather doesnt work with the trigger guard. It's not anywhere near as good as my Kimber, Sig and HK USP45, but it's still a good value, shoots much better than my son's .45 Glock...and I trusted it to shoot when my fancy Kimber and HK would burp out marginal ammo.
  9. EVOL777

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    work horse shoots anything self defense, combat on my side .... the trigger really sucks ,long walk hard to find grips. but will go to combat with me if needed ... and please if there is anyone that knows how to do that type of trigger job to take the walk of i would appreciate any info , thanks ...
  10. MGW-Fla

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    I recently purchased a 645 from the original owner. Its a great gun. I've shot it twice & it performed flawlessly. It is a Stainless Tank, but that's the #1 appeal to me.

    After the 1st cleaning I had problems getting the slide on due to difficulties in depressing the levers near the hammer(firing pin safety block, etc.) I was finally able to get it on.

    However, last night after a 2nd outing, when reassembling the slide, it stuck on the rails, right at the safety levers. The slide only moves about 1/8 inch in either direction. Nothing I tried worked to free the slide. The trigger has a wiggle, but no real movement. The hammer is now back in the cocked position. You can't fully insert a magazine either.

    Does any one have any ideas, or is this headed to a gunsmith or back to S&W to cure?

    I really like this gun, so far, more than my new Kimber .45cal. I appreciate any tips or advice. I don't have any pics now, but I could take some & post if that helps.

    I posted this on the S&W forum & rec'd some advice, but I need all the help I can get!

    Thanks in advance!
  11. robocop10mm

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    The hammer is to be forward when installing the slide. When it is cocked the "levers" will not retract far enough to allow the slide to go all the way on the frame.
    Take a plastic or leather mallet and gently tap forward on the back of the slide to free it. Lower the hammer and try again. Be careful to not break off the left lever as it is the ejector and the magazine safety.

    I have a 4506 (the third generation version of the 645) and a 1006 (the 10mm version) and they are great guns. I shoot IPSC with them and my life depends on them on a regular basis.
  12. MGW-Fla

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    Well, after some additional persistence, I was able to depress the remaining lever & get the slide to go the rest of the way into position! Whew! It would not budge for a good while though. I originally had the hammer down & knew it was supposed to be. I realized once the slide was stuck that I had somehow cocked the hammer. Guess I shouldn't clean my guns at midnight, especially one that I've only shot & cleaned twice.

    I'm glad it finally gave in cause I hope to take it to the outdoor range tomorrow. I really like everything about this gun, the weight & feel, the trigger pull both DA & SA. And its so heavy that if you ever had to defend yourself with it & ran out of ammo/clips, you could beat someone silly with it!:D But yet with the single stack clip, its thin for a big gun.

    Both times at the range, even though I've had multiple other guns with me, both times I took out my 645 & shot it, people noticed it. One guy the 1st time out came over & asked if he could look at it.

    I just wish I could get a set of Crimson Trace grips for it, but their 1911 grips have wider set screws. Without rails either, I guess there's no hope for mounting any type of laser. That'd make it a perfect home defense gun for me. Heck, if a bad guy just saw you pointing that big Stainless Tank of a gun at him & then saw a laser dot on him too, he'd head for the hills for sure!
  13. BoDJ31

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    645 mags

    hello i recently purchased a 645 from a friend.unfortunately he only had one mag.can anyone suggest a website that sells mags for this weapon .thanks
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    What happened to his BREN 10? that's the only one I recall him shooting.
  16. Tonythefish

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    I live near saltwater and wanted a ss gun, bought the 645 in 1989, still works like a champ, and no rust! from what I've seen it is pretty accurate and over all a very good gun, I like the grip just fine by the way.
  17. headhunter

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    I like the 645 a whole lot. It digests what I put into it and runs without problems , and right now that is 200 gr. plated bullets. They have a big hollow point and are relatively inexpensive. After 20 years (gyve or take), I've yet to try a factory round
  18. Captainphil

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    I bought my 645 in 1988 and absolutely love it! It's so smooth and very accurate. I did have an issue with it some time ago where it wouldn't fire properly. I sent it back to Smith & Wesson and they repaired it at no cost to me other than the shipping. It was well out of any warranty. It's been flawless ever since. I have yet to shoot a more consistently accurate .45. I would recommend this gun and will never part with mine! Hope this helps.
  19. therewolf

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    I am a crank, and it pleases me.

    I'll only add these four observations:

    As much as I love the 1911, the 645, IMHO, points better.

    IF you wish the Beretta 92 came in 45ACP, this is your huckleberry.

    I CC mine, heavy yes, but I'll bet it'll stop the fight before the shooting

    starts, when the chips are down.

    I wish I could get Hogue wraparound grips for it...:(
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    Holy Zombie Thread! This one has been dead twice!