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I finally received my new Smith shooting glasses. I've been waiting on these for a couple months, and wanting to post a review for a couple days.

First, the comfort is terrific. The ear stems are .6 mm thick, so they fit under hearing protection very well and do not put pressure on the side of my head. Great side coverage and a very slim look, with the clear lens in you can hardly tell I have them on. The nose pad is made of a material that grips more as you sweat.

The kit I got is the deluxe which comes with three lenses, clear, grey and yellow, retail cost is $105.00 and it comes with a nice case and a strap so they don't fall off your head. IMO that's a great deal for everything you get.

I have not used them much, but the only con I can see are maybe the durability of the stems, they are stainless steel and seem to be pretty stout considering how thin they are, time will tell and I will update my review after I have used them a good while.


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