Smith Model 30

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    I have acquired a Smith Model 30 in .32 S&W Long. The particulars are: 3-inch bbl., 3-screw, pinned bbl., serial # is 71013x. Serial is on butt and under star. On left side is small S&W logo. On right side of barrel is 32 S&W Long. Serial # is also on inside of one checkered diamond grip.
    On left side of bbl. is Smith & Wesson. On frame under crane is Mod. 30. On crane is 98690. On grip frame under grips is 98690 with letter H and numeral 2. The little gun is about 90% with barrel and cylinders bright and shiny. I bought it for my wife as she has weak and delicate hands.
    I have let her shoot some 85 grains and a few 98 grains.
    I realize it is a little on the wimpy side but I am teaching her that where you put the slug is paramount. Can anyone
    approximate date of manufacture? Thanks in advance.