Smith and Wesson 645 Stovepiping

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by chamlen, Jul 2, 2020.

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    Oh I know, I know, I know. The kimber is just such a beautiful piece of engeering I could not resist... :). I am well aware of the issues around the 380's. I have been at the ramp, and the mag (it did have some questionable lip structure on the lip) ... like I said ... something to keep me occupied, and this still only has ~150 rounds through it (I have heard from others that it can take something like 1000 rounds to get a gun to "settle down". But also should be a different thread. I should not have mentioned it ... but it was on my mind. sorry. I will keep this thread on the 645.....
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    I believe the pistol we are talking about here is hammer fired, so there will still be resistance to the slides rearward travel even if the RS is weak.

    It’s also important to remember when JMB designed the 1911, he did not call it a “ Recoil Spring”, but rather an “ Operating Spring” of unspecified weight.
    So with that in mind, remember the main job of the recoil spring is to return the slide to battery.
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    It's a 40 year old pistol.
    Replace ALL the internal springs.
    Saves on headaches for another 40 years.
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    slight update on this one - since the extractor channel was extremely gummed up, i wanted to try making sure it was nice and clean and see if it worked before ordering replacement parts. I managed to get to the range yesterday - the gun did not stovepipe, BUT it totally failed to extract the shell from the breech. Plan is to replace the extractor, and both extractor and recoil spring. Gotta get those ordered....