Smash and grab at local gunstore

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by downsouth, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. downsouth

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    Somebody backed into the front doors of a local gunshop and according to the news" stole dozens of handguns".
    The video showed broken display cases with the remaining guns laying in broken glass.

    I was under the impression that firearms needed to be more secured than that in a ffl setting. I was always amazed that every night they would be walked to a safe. I guess I was misinformed. Again.

    Anybody know if this guys in trouble with the batfe for leaving them in the case over night?
  2. Mosin

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    In trouble? It probably WAS the BATFE

  3. c3shooter

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    No. Requirement for secure storage means a door with a lock. Safe not required. There was a time when groups were stealing a large truck (think 5 ton truck) and running it backwards thru the wall of a gun shop, grab what they could, and haul out before anyone could respond.

    Had a friend that was setting up a shop, only exterior wall that could be attacked that way was the front- fair bit of glass, hollow block wall.

    We found some concrete planters- about 6 ft long, 2 ft wide, 3 feet high. Set 4 of those out front, 8 feet from shop front. No bottoms. Before filling with potting soil and putting flowers in them, we drove 7 ft lengths of railroad rail 4 feet into the ground INSIDE of the planters. 3 per planter.

    Try ramming THAT with a truck. :eek:
  4. partdeux

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    I had the great opportunity to attend an event at the chicago federal reserve - detroit branch. They said the facility to withstand a fully loaded tractor trailer making a run at any point on the exterior fence at something like 90 mph (which would be impossible to achieve). I went through the gate that had a simple yard arm in front of a seriously well built chain link fence that rolled up, and three 18" steel pillars that came out of the ground. Our tour guide said she was able to go into security center where one of the guards zoomed in on the odometer in her car and it was crystal clear... then he suggested that maybe she might consider not changing her clothes in the parking lot, LOL. apparently before they had this facility built, they used to transfer hundreds of millions in an alley in downtown detroit. Die Hard came to mind :)
  5. Jeepergeo

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    In california, the store owner would go to jail for a night and the criminals, if caught, would be given a free attorney and maybe an award for taking those weapons so they would not be sold to some conservative constitutional supporter.
  6. Soda

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    I NEED to leave California. It hurts to live :(