Smart trade? My Sig for a Colt....

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    So my buddy has been wanting a Sig P238, and wanting mine since I got her for a steal. So, he knows I won't come up off it and offered to do a trade. He has an old Colt Marshal .38 Special, only 2500 were made it's about a few hundred numbers off the one displayed in the nat'l firearms museum. It's in IMMACULATE condition, original box, HOWEVER... it has been re-blued which from my understand detracts about 1/2 of it's value. The trade would be my Sig + $150 for the Colt. Everything that comes with my Sig: 3 regular mags, 1 extended mag, the box and all it comes with, original grips and hogue grips. It is the Nitron with the sig lite night sights. It's only had barely 150 rounds through her. Opinions? Is this a good investment? Thanks much :)
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    I'd say no for a non original. If it hadn't been reblued it would seem like a deal. What would it cost you to replace the Sig? If you can't sell the Colt and get a new Sig, it is definitely not worth it.

    I've made good trades and I've made bad trades. The bad ones were when I got stuck with a gun that I couldn't sell for enough to replace the gun I traded off, if I ended up missing it.

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    What use do you have for the vintage Colt? If I am correct to think little to none, even a straight trade is problematic. If you want to just park your money and watch it grow in the gun safe, it rarely happens that way.

    P.S. One of the reasons it fails is that you realize down the road, you need another semi-auto because you no longer have the SIG. The moment you buy it, your prior trade investment gets a front load expense that, odds are, will take forever (or never) to recover.
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    purely subjective. to some it might seem like a good trade, to some it may seem like a bad trade.

    a good trade is when both parties are happy with the transaction after the fact.
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    I love Colts and Have a Few, and I would not make that Trade....

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    Keeping in mind Colts can be tempermental and parts hard to find.