Small town life and guns

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  1. boatme98

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    Where we live dictates how free we are to persue and enjoy our firearms hobby.
    I just thought it would be interesting to see some tales of rural gun fun.
    I'll start off with this;

    Where I live in middle Tn., there's the old hotel on the town square that is the breakfast spot for everybody, from the farmers, merchants, retirees, lawyers, police, and politicians. (Couldn't keep 'em out)
    Besides hearing the standard lies about fishing and hunting, it's the place to go to swap or sell guns.
    It's a very small town, so everybody knows everyone else and their business, so you know who you can or can't sell to.

    Over the four years I've been here, I've bought my Hi Point .45, my cz 52, a Heritage Rough Rider 22/22 mag, and my S&W Highway Patrolman.
    I sold my Hi Point, a informed Ruger P 95 and my Marlin 30-30.
    All over the breakfast table
    Try that in Md or NJ. :D

    What small town gun stories do you have?
  2. SRK97

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    I was seeing a friend in West Virginia about a month before he passed away. After we got done eating we headed out to our cars. Just after we got done shaking hands he reached into his car and pulled out an old .22 pistol and handed it to me. It is a stoeger luger style pistol[​IMG]

    mammas dont let your cowboys grow up to be babies

  3. stratrider

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    I met a guy at a gas station parking lot in Irvington, Alabama to buy a Mosin Nagant. He pulled it out of his truck and I looked it over right there in front of all the patrons that were coming and going. I made sure it was unloaded, fixed/unfixed the bayonet, etc. Payed for it and left...Try doing that in Commiefornia
  4. Apyl

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    I live outside a small town ( 900 people) . Our hot spots are the VFW, a few bars and a little cafe that is only open a few days a week that holds maybe 20 people. Its completely normal to hear gun shots all day, its actually pretty weird if we dont hear any shots in a day. In the summer I swear when one person starts shooting everyone else starts trying to out do each other.
  5. BigB

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    I can walk out my back door and shoot if I want, and nobody pays any mind. I hear others do it also from time to time. That is one of the added benefits of country living ;). A view out the back door.

    P.s. where in Wisconsin are you Apyl? Did I see Appleton area in another thread? All of my family is up in that area, I'm down near Spring Green.

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  6. therewolf

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    Here in the Gunshine State, I walk outside,(many times on the way to

    my range) I wonder what direction I'll hear the sound of gunfire

    coming from first. Got about 8 cops living all around me,

    out here, in the country, all with backyard ranges. Probably the

    safest neighborhood in the country.

    A guy's got to have his standards, I don't deal with anybody

    who doesn't have a CCW permit. And most folks won't sell to

    me privately, unless they see a my CCW permit.
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  7. 303tom

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    Little brother & I, little brother bought it a Hi-Point 9 the other day in the parking lot of the local cafe. He asked me to check it out to see if he was getting a good deal.............
  8. rn-cindy

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    I know she has talked about this on another thread, but my roomy (RG) grew up in Scott Co, Tenn. Her school bus driver kept a bolt action rifle beside his seat..He would stop the bus, and shoot groundhogs on the way to school....Try that nowadays and see what happens...:eek:
  9. Apyl

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    Northern Juneau County :)
  10. Winchester94

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    I live in southwest Virginia. When my dad was a deputy, he and several other deputies, even the sheriff a couple of times, would bring their issued guns and guns from home to practice and compete with one another in my front yard. Some of my close relatives came and shot with us too. Our whole family has regularly scheduled skeet shooting matches, rifle matches and, pistol matches. A majority of the men come to the family come with a trunk or bed full of guns of every type and size to trade and shoot. I love my family and where I live!

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  11. FrontierTCB

    FrontierTCB Active Member

    When I grew up in central Ky. back in the 70's just about everyone that had a pickup truck (which was everybody) had a gun rack on the back window with a shotgun or rifle or both hanging on the hooks.

    No worries about it getting stolen while you were out in town, didn't lock doors and left the windows rolled down if it was nice outside.

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