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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by user4, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. user4

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    Anyone else noticing that it's getting next to impossible to find a good deal on firearms this year?

    There's usually SOMETHING to be had on Texas gun trader, but everyone wants a vehicle and a small child for weapons of very little value. Silly bastages. I should find a seller out in East Jesus and ask them to "meet me half way" and just not show up. Serves the greedy effers right.

  2. GarandGuy

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    AGAIN! That is new news?

  3. c3shooter

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    Wellllllllll....... There is a LOT of panic buying going on- especially with any of the AR style rifles, and the AK/ SKS variants, along with most handguns.

    Which, BTW, works for me. A lot of those are first time buyers. I LIKE the idea of fellow voters being gun owners. And a lot of those guns will wind up in the used market in 2-3 years, if the revolution holds off that long...:rolleyes:

    However, there are still good deals out there- maybe not for everything, and not every day. I recently bought TWO older Remington 550-1 22 autos- 4 days apart, 2 different dealers- paid 1/2 usual selling price for one, and about 1/3 for the other. I also bought two NICE Mossberg bolt action 22 target rifles- again, 5 days apart, 2 different dealers. Less than half of what I could resell them for (Thanx, ain't selling!)

    My advice? Be patient, shop the internet sites, don't neglect your local dealers- even check craigslist (no they don't allow guns, but they creep in there now and again) and check your local trading post/thrifty nickel kind of local sale-by-owner weekly. Know what an item is worth, and know when to say Sorry- I'll wait for another.
  4. WDB

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    Look and the bright side if you have some lesser pistols you can get top dollar for them and if you have good pistols they are worth so much more. While I have several I truly like there are another several oyhers I could do with out if the price is right and the price will only get better for those in the next six months. I expect I can sell a few of the ones I don't have use for and buy some new that I like. Manufactures haven't raised the price on new firearms that I have noticed. Some models are hard to find. It's been awhile since average used firearms have jumped in value. The stuff in the gun locker, in the closet or under the bed is worth more than expected thanks to those wanting something.