Slugs over Rifle Ammunition

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by PeteZaHut, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. PeteZaHut

    PeteZaHut Member

    Is a slug round superior in stopping power over bigger rifle rounds? Assuming distance isn't too much farther than 100 yards.
  2. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    It all depends on what caliber & bullet weight you're talking about. Could you be more specific in the rifle caliber?

  3. Sonnypie

    Sonnypie New Member

    I'm accuracy oriented.
    So I don't see how a big old slug "about thar" would be better than a rifle bullet put precisely in the vitals or brain.
    I witnessed a kill with a muzzle loader, .45 caliber. (Patched mini-ball) It got the job done, after 50 yards of running. Basically poked a hole through the antelope and he died.
    Then I began my own hunting and made drop in their tracks shots. The bullets created a near explosion in the vitals, or neck or head.
    Much better meat with near instant death. No adrenalin to deal with like a slow death.
    But heck, dead is dead.

    Seems to me you could find several years worth of reading with a minimal amount of searching on the WWW.

    (It's a little scant. Only 715,000 results.) :D
  4. Wambli

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    I don't think so but there is no majic formula to figure that out. A lot of time it varies by deer. A few years back I saw a sub 100 lb. doe hit right through the heart (entrance and exit wounds) from about 50 yards with a 12 ga slug run 100 yards and then pile up dead. That has never happened to me with any rifle I've shot deer with from 7mm-08 through the .30 mags.
  5. Richard47

    Richard47 New Member

    The slug is absolutely deady under 100 yards. The old Foster slug is actually best, sabots go faster but not enough to mushroom, and there are a lot of "flyers"; in other words, you can't really trust the accuracy.

    The Rifle usually knock down the deer, it might get back up, but not usually with a good hit. The slug won't usually drop him, unless you hit the backbone, but he'll usually go 50 yeards and be dead if you hit him in the chest cavity.

    Shoot rifle where legal, it's designed for accuracy and shock to knock em right down. But you are not out gunned with a shot gun. At 10 yards, on a big bear, I'd want an auto or pump shotgun with open sights over a 300 mag with a scope.
  6. armsmaster270

    armsmaster270 New Member

    When I deer hunted with my grandfather he always shot them in the neck with his 30-06 with 150gr Bronze Points and they dropped like they were poleaxed. DRT
  7. PeteZaHut

    PeteZaHut Member

    I guess my logic is like this. Feel free to make me look stupid because I haven't clearly thought this out. A slug will have more mass than a rifle bullet (a 308 for example). The 308 will be going faster, but wouldn't they both probably go through the target, so woldn't the slug do more damage?
  8. Gatoragn

    Gatoragn Well-Known Member Supporter

    From my physics class 20+ years ago:

    Momentum = mass x velocity, a slug looks ok here.

    Kinetic Energy = mass x velocity squared. This is why a 100 to 180 grain bullet at ~2600 or more fps has the advantage over the slug.

    The improvements in slugs, specialized barrels, drilled & tapped shotgun receivers make slugs much more effective than 20 years ago, so if it is either necessary by law or just a personal preference, you can expect decent results when used.
  9. Sonnypie

    Sonnypie New Member

    There is a lot more to it than just weight of the projectile.
    [ame=""]Check this out, Foot pounds of energy.[/ame]
    You can get some ideas for yourself. ;)

    1 ounce equals 437.5 grains. Just add your velocity.
    For bullets, enter grains, then velocity.

    But the real world is experiance with particular loads. And the gore of the wound cavity.
    That is why I like my fast light bullets at high speed. Instant death. No running or flopping around. YMMV
    Like a light switch, off. I hate to see things suffer. Or worse, require a finishing shot.
  10. wmille01

    wmille01 New Member

    comparing it to a 50 cal muzzleloader the slug out of a 12 gauge it heavier and has more mass, compared to say a 7mm magnum I shot a 3/8" steel plate went right through it clean little hole, shot the same plate with a 12 gauge slug mushroomed the entire plate and knocked it off. If you shot a guy wearing kevlar with a 7.62x39 it can knock him on his butt you shoot a guy wearing kevlar with a slug out if a 12 gauge it will knock him down.